Review: Bisous Bisous Rainbow Cluster Blusher

Andd I’m back from Portugal! I was there for a few days – and I must say, it is such a beautiful and lovely European city. The Lisbonners were so friendly and nice and totally brought a smile to my face every time I chatted with them. Combine that with the lovely Spring weather, I had rosy cheeks most of the time – I guess I didn’t have to bring along this blusher (which I did anyway).

Bisous Bisous Rainbow Cluster Blusher

In shade Lantana #1

After swatching/usage

Face: Mille Beaute BB cushion, Cheeks: Bisous Bisous Rainbow Cluster Blusher in Lantana #1

I say…

The Packaging: Clearly one of the key attractions –  a pretty charm, a petal-inspired case that holds a pretty charm, mini brush, and inbuilt mirror. It’s a convenient small palm-sized compact too, so it makes for convenient carrying around.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: Finely milled powder grains, no powder cloud, not much fall out either.

The Verdict: Although the colour does appear rather deep at first glance (when in the pan), it actually comes out as a very lovely sweet pink, with some pearlesque shimmer. I appreciate the provided brush, but it should actually have been built into the lower tray instead of the upper tray – the moment you open the compact, the brush will fall out. Since the blush has medium pigmentation, using  a larger brush will allow for easier blending (the small providd brush could cause a splotch of colour on the cheeks). That said, I chose to bring this along for my travels since I was feeling lazy to pack a full-sized brush. Overall, a pretty little product that could make a nice addition to your makeup stash since it’s rather functional and affordably priced.


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