Review: W Lab Milk Protein Cleansing Foam

What I love about the Korean beauty scene is that they’re constantly churning out new brands – and because a lot of them source their products from OEMs, the product quality isn’t that bad (or much of a risk) – even Mille Beaute, a Thai beauty brand, sources its brands from Korea, as well as certain Watsons brands (Pure Beauty). W Lab is one of the newer kids on the block – in fact I’ve never seen it in Korea before, but hey, since it’s now in Singapore, why not try it out? 😀

W Lab Milk Protein Cleansing Foam

I say…

The Packaging: A standard issue tall squeezy tube with a flip-top cap. It’s pretty stable when standing on its own.

The Scent: I was expecting some powdery, baby scent, or even a milky scent, but surprisingly there was nothing (which I’m cool with).

The Texture: The creamy cleansing form contains exfoliating beads which slowly dissolves upon massaging. The lather is thick and gives for a rather enjoying cleansing experience (i.e doesn’t feel too watered down).

The Verdict: I actually really like this product! True, it may not come from an established brand, and I did have my apprehensions going into it, buttt it certainly perfumed well. Even though I was unable to use this with my Clarisonic (guys, this has exfoliating beads, you shouldn’t use it together with a cleansing gadget unless you wanna pull/scratch your skin), my skin was left feeling sufficiently cleansed without feeling too stripped dry –  a welcome contrast from my previous cleanser from Dr Jart which I felt did not give a thorough cleanse. The skin felt smoother, softer and definitely looks brighter and more radiant. Defo something you should try out – W Lab is available from Sasa Singapore, Zalora and Aresa (



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