Review/Swatches: Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector – all four shades

So my love for cushion has apparently outweighed my (somewhat) laziness in makeup application – in an attempt to maximise my snooze time every morning, my makeup routine is rather minimal, where I skip base and primer. However, with the launch of these, I actually find myself reaching for these cushions every morning. Hohoho.

Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector – SGD32 each

Colour guide:

  • PINK: Corrects and brightens dark bluish skin tones
  • MINT: Corrects unevenness and redness on skin
  • LAVENDER: Corrects yellow and dull skin tones
  • ILLUMINATE: Defines facial features by creating a strobing effect


I say…

The Packaging: A more streamlined, slimmer version of the previous generation cushions (which means the refills are no longer interchangeable). This also comes with the usual inbuilt mirror, tray that holds the sponge puff as well as functions as an airlock to prevent the cushion from drying out.

The Scent: A fragrant floral scent that isn’t too sweet or cloying.

The Texture/Application: Although there’s a colour difference (4 varieties), there really isn’t a super stark difference when you’ve blended it out nicely (i.e. you won’t see a definitely lavender or pink or mint tinge to your skin).  The finishings are rather subtle, with a semi-matte finish (and some slight dewiness), and skin colour issues are corrected easily.

The Verdict: Surprisingly, these do a pretty good job of setting a good base for your foundation – in fact, the pink one (which i’m using), is enough to even out the skin tone, cover most major blemishes (but not zits and scabs, nor dark eye circles), and give a pretty decent medium-level coverage. I am extremely impressed – this is the first time that I’d actually consider going out of the house with just a base product on. It also has a SPF level of 34, which is rather decent, and allows for my inner lazy bum to sometimes skip the sunblock with. Overall, I’d say this is something you should try!



2 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Etude House Any Cushion Color Corrector – all four shades

    • I’m an oily, combi-oily type and it suits me. It’s not overly drying in my opinion – the finish isn’t too matte, feels cooling and refreshing on the skin, with a tinge of dewiness indicating some hydration qualities. Perhaps before applying this, you can boost your skin’s hydration levels with a high-level moisturiser? Bioderma is pretty decent. 🙂

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