Review: Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System With Pure Vitamin C

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a cleanser – yes, it doesn’t come with fancy packaging (which I’m usually a sucker for), but the premise of the product, with its fresh vitamin C ingredients is definitely enough to get any beauty junkie’s eyes sparkling.

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System With Pure Vitamin C – SGD$39


Two components to this product –  there’s a daily booster 10% pure vitamin C serum, as well as 7 sachets of the cleansing powder (for the 1-week supply version of this. There’s also the 1-month supply version).

Peel open the foil seal to reveal the rounded dome that you use to press and dispense the vitamin C serum.

Each sachet is for a day’s use (which is more than this amount depicted, cos I wanted to preserve it for actual facial cleansing).



I say….

The Packaging: Simple and fuss-free. There are two components to this 7-day version – 10% daily booster vitamin C, and 7 sachets of the cleansing powder.

  • The daily booster comes in a plastic tube bottle with a tapered nozzle tip and a rubber dome-shaped bottom that you press to dispense the serum. Now seeing as this is to be disposed of after 7 days, I’m not particularly fussed about the “low quality” of this – it’s not terrible but it’s basically a plastic tube that, well, feels plasticky and rather disposable. Before using, be sure to shake the bottle well, and if possible with the cap on. I’m not sure if it’s my particular bottle, or it’s across the board, but it does tend to leak. Also, if possible, store it with the nozzle facing upwards to prevent leakage.
  • Each of the 7 sachets is a paper one, with a foil interior (presumably to maintain the integrity of the cleansing powder), and is easily tearable so you can use it even with wet fingers. Be sure to keep your nose away from the sachet when tearing open, cos there can be a slight dust cloud (I choked a couple of times).

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture/Application: This is pretty easy to use.

  • Use 1 sachet of cleansing powder every morning (tear it open, pour it onto a damp palm, and then mix it up – it should form a whitish paste). The aftermath is that of well-cleansed skin – not stripped dry, not taut and non greasy. It feels, well, clean and healthy.
  • Follow up with a couple of drops of the Vitamin C Daily booster, which should be quickly absorbed into the skin leaving no residue.

The Verdict: For a no-frills product that’s selling itself based purely on its ingredients, I’m very much impressed. After just 7 days, I found my skin to be clearer, healthier (with a sense of it being declogged), firmer, and more radiant. True, the cleansing powder and daily booster don’t provide much in terms of sensorial experience (no scents, no thick lather, no pretty packaging etc), but it makes up for those with an easy-to-use regime. Once a day in the morning, and you’re done – no need for add-ons or a complicated regime with multiple products. Definitely something I’d recommend to everyone, and something I’d re-purchase 😀




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