Review: Bisous Bisous Call Me A crystal Rouge Cream Lipstick

I recently read this news about a China lady who embezzled more than SGD$400,000 from her company to fund her lipstick addiction (she bought thousands of lipsticks!). Zomg. I certainly hope I never reach that level of insanity. That aside, I still do love my lipsticks, so here’s one that I’ve been trying on lately (and its case folds out into a pretty princess mirror!).

Bisous Bisous Call Me A crystal Rouge Cream Lipstick

in Shade  #CRD03, which is a warm coral-red.


I say…

The Packaging: Clearly the largest draw of this product – a casing that doubles up as a foldable hand-held mirror, perfect for usage when reapplying the lipstick, or even just to check out your makeup. The lipstick itself clicks into place at the bottom of the mirror’s handle, and stays pretty firmly in place. What is slightly lacking is the part where it swings out – although the weight of the mirror itself is enough to make it stay in place (upright), it can sometimes come swinging/falling down if you tilt it. I feel like there should have been a latch/spring/something technical  so that it sort of locks into position.

The Scent: A very slight vanilla scent.

The Texture/The Finish: It glides on smoothly into a mostly-matte finish (about 80% matte, 20% glossy). It’s got a pretty high colour intensity – one coat gives a good colour, while multiple coats intensify it into a night gala-worthy finish.

The Verdict: To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of performance – I really only bought this for its packaging. That said, it surprised me pleasantly with its pretty decent finish.The mostly-matte finish (surprisingly) did not draw too much attention to the dry/flakey bits of the lips, and manages to fill in the fine lines on the lips too. There’s a decent level of moisture in this lippie, cos I can glide the top and bottom lips over each other without them getting too stuck. The staying power is quite long as well – yes it does stain the cups I drink from – but I still saw about 4 hours or so of strong colour (with it fading slightly to a tint). Overall, a pretty decent buy with a princessy packaging from a Thai brand – check out the rest of their products here.



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