Review: Dr Jart Dermaclear Micro Foam

I’m the first to admit that I sometimes gloss over products with simple packagings, and my eyes will just zoom in on other eyecatching items in say.. pinks, florals, glitterboombbbbbbs. But hey, I have to show everything some love, because I yam an objective beauty junkieee. That, and cos I sought a lot of refuge in the warm Olive Young during my recent trip in February (which was so cold that I think I left my nose and ears there).

Dr Jart Dermaclear Micro Foam

I say…

The Packaging: A simple, no-frills squeezy tube that stands firmly on its own. The cap is a flip-top cap. There’s really nothing fancy about it.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: A smooth creamy cleanser that lathers up easily into a relatively dense foam (which makes it a good fit to use with any cleansing gadgets, such as the Clarisonic).

The Verdict: Now generally speaking, this cleanser does its job relatively effectively – if you haven’t had a lot of makeup on, or haven’t been out the entire day. As its name promises, it’s a mild cleanser.  When used on its own, it gives a relatively mild cleanse. When used with a cleansing gadget, the skin is a bit more cleansed, but still isn’t as thoroughly cleansed as I’d like it to be. The pores don’t seem that rid of the day’s accumulated grime and dirt… Hmmm. That said, the skin doesn’t feel that stripped dry/taut, which I guess is a good thing for those with dry skin types. I’ve also had no breakouts (despite the sensation of the skin not being “thoroughly cleansed”. Overall, I’d classify this as a mild cleanser that’s suitable for no-makeup days, or when you wanna clean your face in the middle of the day. Personally, I (with the oily combi skin type who lives in a hot and humid country) wouldn’t repurchase this – my skin requires a cleanser with a little more oomph.





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