Review: La Mer x The Ritz-Carlton Spa – Miracle Broth Facial

At times, as I sit in my office, huddled up in a hoodie hunched over (and tapping furiously) over a keyboard – kinda like crazed geeky hobo – I think back on good times,  like the time I visited the Ritz Carlton Spa for a La Mer Miracle Broth Facial 😀 That’s right, you heard me – you can indulge in the ultimate luxury of both a La Mer facial and get a Ritz-y (pun intended hurhurhur) relaxing spa experience at one go.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel is the first in Asia to partner with La Mer, and the spa is located on the Wellness Floor (Level One) of the hotel – BUT it’s located in a very innocuous and discrete corner. I most certainly would have walked right past the entry doorway had I not been ushered in by a Ritz staff.


Note that this photo was taken from the inside of the spa, but the other side of the entry door looks the same – just a brown wooden door, with no signage. It’s like those super exclusive no-signage places that only those in the know, know. hurhurhur. As you walk in through this little corridor, there are calming sounds of water. Very outdoor-nature feels yo.


The reception area of the Ritz-Carlton spa with a wide expanse of space (compared with your usual average spa).  This place comprises 10 treatment rooms, including The Ritz-Carlton Spa Suite which is equipped with a long bath, perfect for the ultimate couple spa retreat.

ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-3Here’s where you register and then sip your cuppa tea while waiting for your therapist. I took the chance to wander around and check out the shelves of products used.


ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-7ESPA products are used here (Now I’d previously reviewed the ESPA at RWS, and I loved it there too!)





ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-11The entire range of La Mer products up on display at the waiting area~

ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-4Now that I’m done with my tea (and incessant photo-taking), I was warmly greeted and ushered by my therapist to my treatment room.

Fun fact: Did you know that each of their rooms is named after a different type of seaweed, prized for their rejuvenating properties on the skin?

ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-12A short tour of the extensive, and yet vaguely maze-like facilities revealed very clean and luxe locker rooms, powder rooms, and even a floating pool, jacuzzi and steam room!

ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-13The treatment room even comes with its own bathroom (which is always a bonus for me, your typical pseudo-shy Singaporean who is vaguely squeamish about changing in a locker room with fellow females).

ritz-carlton-la-mer-spa-14The highlight – Concentrated Miracle Broth which is not available commercially, and will be used during the facial.

I tried out the La Mer Miracle Broth Facial, and a plus point is that it also includes very relaxing body massages (head, shoulders, arms, and legs). Of course, the facial itself was the highlight – there are no extraction techniques involved, but there were tools such as a tuning fork, beads as well as skilled hands wielding massage techniques (that were so awesome that I dozed off very soon after the makeup removal/cleansing process). Yes, my memory is a bit hazy from that moment on. hurhurhur.

However, I do recall that all products used were from La Mer, (including the Miracle Broth concentrate!)  and I left the place with extremely radiant and glowy skin. If your skin is parched/dehydrated, this would be a facial to try since La Mer products are very nourishing.

It’s a pity I couldn’t stay around to use the facilities after the facial, but if you’re looking to pamper your momma or BFF, this would be a place to bring them to, and don’t forget to utilise the floating pool, jacuzzi or steam room.

Be sure to save up some of the angbao monies though, cos with great luxury and services comes an equally “great” price tag.

There’s a wide range of treatments available at The Ritz-Carlton Spa (check out their full range and prices here), but in terms of La Mer facials, here’s what they have:

  • The La Mer Custom Facial: 60m /  $280 OR 90m / $390
  • The La Mer Purifying Facial: 60m / $250
  • The Genaissance De La Mer Facial: 90m / $450
  • The La Mer Miracle Broth™ Facial: 90m / $480
  • The La Mer Eye Focus Treatment: 30m / $170


Ritz-Carlton Spa @ The Ritz-Carlton

7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799.

Spa operating hours are from 9am to 11pm daily.

Reservations can be made by dialing +65 6434 5203 or emailing





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