Review/Swatches: Clio Tension Lip Oil Tint – 7 shades

And it’s almost time for the Chinese New Year! It’s time for lots of feasting – but also time for the usual dressing up and preening like a peacock~ so what should I do? Get the best of both worlds – have a lippie that allows me to feast while looking good woohoo!

clio-tension-lip-oil-tint-1Clio Tension Lip Oil Tint






I say…

The Packaging: A 10cm-tall tube that’s rather chubby, 2cm across, with a twist open cap and an attached sponge tip applicator. Now it’s worth mentioning that the sponge tip is extremely soft and pliable (bendy), and it’s tapered at the end, so this allows for precise drawing of the lip outline. However, it scoops out a lot of product at one shot, so be sure to wipe some on the rim of the tube, or on a tissue instead.

The Scent: An extremely mild powdery scent but it’s almost negligible.

The Texture: Extremely smooth, and glides across the lips superrrr smoothly.

The Verdict: It’s quite highly pigmented, but because of the oil component, I feel that the colours sort of  “float”, which means you can sometime get an uneven finishing for one coat (based on the angle that you apply). However, it is buildable into a very strong colour if you use several coats. It has a high gloss and shine factor, and feels very hydrating and moisturising on the lips – you can slide the top and bottom lips over each other easily. When it wears off, it does leave the lips feeling softer, but there’s not much remnant tint. Overall, I like the wide range of colours and how it helps hydrate the lips. Great for use when you’re going on a day out but need a stronger pop of colour (vs a tinted balm or gloss).






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