Review/Swatches: Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar – all 8 shades!

Aren’t these the prettiest?! Laneige has launched the Two Tone Tint Lip Bar, touted to be the more moisturising cousin of the original Two Tone Lip Bar.

laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-1Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar – SGD$32 each



laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-ig-2A difference in the cross section of the new Tint Lip Bar (V-shaped) and the original Lip Bar (diagonal cross section)





laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-6When applied in a gradient style (i.e. not blended)

laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-7Unblended – here you can see that it doesn’t really make much of a difference whether it’s green, blue, purple, pink etc – it’s mainly the moisturising portion and is mostly transparent.

laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-8When blended together – medium colour intensity and high gloss/hydration


laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-11Colour swatches taken from Laneige’s website – but there really isn’t much colour to the balm portion of the lippie

laneige-two-tone-tint-lip-bar-10To view the full size, click here.

I say…

The Packaging: A click-on cap on a rectangular tube with a lever system (that raises the lipstick bullet when you press it down – think opposite directions). Now like its cousin, the Two Tone Lip Bar, be sure not to raise too much of the lippie or use too much force during application, cos it’ll break easily.

The Scent: A deliciously fruity berry scent, but it doesn’t linger around long after application.

The Texture: It glides on super smoothly and is definitely hydrating and moisturising. The lighter portion of the lippie is the lip balm (hydrating portion), which is more, at about 60%, than the more pigmented portion (say, 40%). One layer gives you a sheer, natural finish. If you want more intense colours, apply several layers.

The Verdict: To begin with, this looks soooo pretty, so you’ll have a hard time saying no to it (I tried… very hard). It can cover most parts of the chapped lips, but if you’ve got flakey lips, be sure to exfoliate beforehand. The colour can be built up into a rather strong colour – but it can’t rival the intensity that you can get from the creamy sort of lipstick though. It is able to fill in the crevices and fine lines of the lips and plump it up.   When it wears off, it leaves just a very, very sheer tint. This is also a convenient product, since it takes away the need for you to carry around a (more matte) lipstick and a lip balm. Overall, I’d call this a highly pigmented lip gloss/tint, but without the stickiness or weighty feeling. It’s a pretty fun product, and the shades are rather safe/similar  – just a difference of warm/cool tones, pink/reds/oranges. Go get yours nao before they sell outttt.




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