Review: Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Inklasting Pink Cushion – #2 Pink Beige

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop pawing at new products and get to trying/reviewing them sooner. This is a toughie for me, especially for limited edition items. I mean, c’mon, a prime example would be this Powerpuff x Peripera collaboration – look at how cute this one is! Their lipsticks are super cute toooo.

peripera-x-powerpuff-girls-inklasting-pink-cushion-1Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Inklasting Pink Cushion


peripera-x-powerpuff-girls-inklasting-pink-cushion-3The cutest seal and puff  – Powerpuff branding game strong yo.









I say…

The Packaging: There’s strong Blossom branding for this  BB cushion – even the seal and the puff have Blossom on them. The compact is your usual compact with the airlock tray that functions as a sponge puff holder. However, I do note the absence of a latch at the closure – after just several uses, I find that the casing is unable to fully close. Hmmm.  I do hope that I got a defective piece and this isn’t the case for the usual stable non-Powerpuff version of this cushion.

The Scent: A very mild, barely noticeable baby powder scent.

The Finish: The coverage is pretty decent – medium level. You’ll still need concealer for major blemishes and dark eye circles though. This gives a brightening finish that’s initially matte, but gets dewy/shiny after a couple of hours.

The Verdict: Because it’s part of the “Ink” range of products from the brand (like the Ink Drop BB), I can sort of see that the bb essence is more of a suspension (remember back in science classes, where there was a suspension of solid particles in liquid?). This results in a finishing that’s dewy beneath, but powdery on top, which unfortunately does not sit quite well on my combi-oily skin. After just 3-4 hours, the shine started coming through (not much oil control here), and after about 6 hours, a light dab of tissue could remove most of it. I could also see cakiness where the sebum glands started producing facial oil (chin, nose, ickkkk). Touch-ups don’t get work well either – I see patchiness on drier parts of the face as well as caking at the outer corners of the nose (even after misting with facial thermal mineral water). Overall, I’d say this isn’t that suitable for oily skintypes, but it should sit better on those with drier skintypes.





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