Review: Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte

Happy 2017 everybardy! Hope yall had a good time with the festivities and the celebrations. Me, being the old fogey I am, decided to hide away from the madding crowds on NYE, and I dedicated it to clearing and packing the beauty stash. I yam now the proud owner of 3 mountains of stuff, instead of 6 piles 😀 Anyhoos, here’s one that thankfully never got buried, cos it just came in – it’s the newly launched Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte. Yays!

maybelline-super-bb-cushion-fresh-matte-1Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte – SGD$28.90





maybelline-super-bb-cushion-fresh-matte-5Just a gentle prod with the fingers yields lots of product.




maybelline-super-bb-cushion-fresh-matte-8Face: Maybelline Super BB Cushion Fresh Matte in Light, Lips: Mille Beaute French Kiss de Star in Ruby Crush, Eyes: Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour.


I say…

The Packaging: The usual compact with the sponge tray holder that also functions as an airlock. I do note that the cushion portion that holds the product is softer and squishier, which makes it “juicier” despite it being the same 14g (BB cushions usually hold about 13-15g of product). This means it’s easier to wring squeeze out the excess product towards the end when it’s getting “drier”. The sponge puff is soft, non abrasive and is, you know, the usual BB cushion type of puff.

The Scent: A very faint, almost unnoticeable powdery scent.

The Finish: Smooth and medium textured – it spreads and blends easily on the face, and settles into an extremely natural finish that’s mostly matte. It’s able to cover about 80% of the dark eye circles and blemishes, but you’ll still need a concealer. There’s some very slight dewiness in the finish, but only noticeable at areas such as the cheekbones and nose bridge.

The Coverage: Medium to medium-high coverage.

The Plus Point: I must give credit where it’s due – this feels extremely lightweight, and really does give a great “no-makeup” finish, and effectively brightens up the complexion at the same time.

The Verdict:  I love that there’s none of that “glow” that first-gen Korean BB cushions had (because Singapore’s humidity is not a friend to dewy-finish products on oily skin). The finish is mostly matte (and doesn’t look too dry), and gives a slight powdery / velvety finish upon initial application. Now this product is said to be suitable for oily/combi-oily skintypes, and that it has advanced mattifying complex to help keep excess sebum under control – to a certain extent, this is true. It does help ward off the shine factor for about 4-6 hours, following which you’ll need some tissues to dab off the shine (if you’ve got oil fields like me). There is also very slight cakiness at areas where the sebum production takes place – I saw very minor caking at the chin area, but this can be easily resolved with some tissue dabbing. Note that because of its matte finish, it doesn’t do well for touch-ups/reapplications in dry interiors (i.e. airconditioned places), cos it will get a tad bit patchy. However, that said, touch-ups in other places will do fine. Overall, a distinct pass in terms of performance – it gives good coverage, is commendably natural-looking and lightweight, lasts relatively long (around 6 hours or so), and does help to control facial shine to a certain extent. Available in 2 shades (Light, Natural).


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