Review: Origins Rituali Tea Oolong-La Purifying Cleansing Body Mask

Some might call me extravagant, but I occasionally apply skincare products such as facial moisturiser, facial scrubs to the bodeh – hey, I should not show skin-cism (if there even is such a word!) where I only favour the skin on my face and neglect the rest of the body right? Anyhoos, when I first saw this product, I was sexcited – look at dat, Ma, there’s a body MASK/scrub!

origins-rituali-tea-oolong-la-purifying-cleansing-body-mask-1Origins Rituali Tea Oolong-La Purifying Cleansing Body Mask







I say…

The Packaging: A fat tube with a flip-top cap. Now note that because the Body Mask itself is so dense and packed with ingredients such as exfoliating beads, herbs, etc, it’s actually very thick. Despite the relatively large opening (not a pinhole type), I found myself having to use TWO hands and a lot of energy (with some huffin’ and puffin’) to squeeze the product out.

The Scent: A distinctive spicy-herbal scent.

The Texture: As mentioned earlier, it’s a really dense and thick paste that is rather hard to get out from the tube, and you should make sure to spread it only on moistened skin (else it’ll drag across your dry skin, especially with the exfoliating beads). You can choose to either leave it on dampened skin for about 5 minutes (for a supposed mask-like experience), and then rinse it off, or massage onto wet skin in shower to exfoliate and cleanse instantly. It foams up into a rather thick frothy lather which you can use to massage/scrub your skin. Note that the exfoliating portions aren’t the fine types (that you’d usually find in facial scrubs).

The Verdict: Aside from the effort I have to exert to get the product out (perhaps a tub + spatula might work?), I actually like this product. It’s great for smoothening, softening and exfoliating the skin on the body (think: elbows, knees, decollatage and neck areas etc), and doesn’t leave it stripped dry or taut. Just make sure there’s enough water (i.e. dampen / wet your skin sufficiently enough) so that you can whip up a good creamy foam. The scent could be an acquired preference for those who prefer floral/citrus/fragrant scents – this doesn’t smell bad, just that it smells very much like chai + herbs.




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