Review: Hada Labo Mild Exfoliating Face Wash

Ever since I got back from NYC, I’ve streamlined my skincare regime so that my skin can adjust back to this humidity and recover from the stresses of long flight times. Rather than do a scrub and cleanse, I decided to try my luck with this supposed 2-in-1 product that exfoliates while it cleanses. I’ve had a pretty good history with Hada Labo anyway, so I’m hoping this doesn’t break the streak. Plus, I was hoping this would wipe the gloom and doom off my face (cos I wants to travellllll againnnn).

hada-labo-mild-exfoliating-face-wash-1Hada Labo Mild Exfoliating Face Wash







I say…

The Packaging: A fuss-free, no-frills fat plastic standing squeezy tube with a click-top cap.

The Scent: A very faint powdery-milky scent, but it’s almost negligible.

The Texture: A rich, thick cream. I’d initially thought there would be a much thicker foam (based on the initial cream texture), but it actually lathered up into a medium-consistency foam that I’d grudgingly say is suitable with the Clarisonic brush. If you’re too heavy-handed when adding water, you might end up with a more runny lather. That aside, it pretty much is a normal average foamy cleanser.

The Verdict: It may not look like much, but I actually do love it! It leaves the face feeling cleansed without that stripped-dry feeling. It also has a mild exfoliating effect (if you’re not one for the scrubbing beads/bits) – the skin is usually left feeling smoother after each cleanse. What really won me over was the visibly brightened skintone – I noticed a distinct difference in my skin’s fairness yayyyy. It looks brighter and more radiant! All these, without any breakouts – I’m definitely re-stocking this when I finish this tube 😀



4 thoughts on “Review: Hada Labo Mild Exfoliating Face Wash

  1. Wow, I really do like it. And, I could see the difference in the picture between before and after. The skin looks a bit dry before, I can see the lines, and afterwards it looks bright, you’re right. I am going to try to get one for me too 😉😊!

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