Review: IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Whipping Brightener

I love Konglish because of how literal it can be, and at other times, how ludicrous they sound. When I first saw this product, the first imagery that came to mind was – egg, beating, white, froth, marshmallows and cupcakes. Swarthing my face in fluffeh goodness, how could I resist? Who am I kidding? I just wanted to justify my purchase of yet another skincare product from this line (I’d previously reviewed a lighter version of this cleanser) hurhurhur.

iope-ideal-cleansing-foam-whipping-brightener-1IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Whipping Brightener







I say…

The Packaging: A tall squeezy tube with a flip-top cap.

The Scent: There’s a mild fragrance that disappears once you rinse the foam off your face – nothing too strong nor lingering.

The Texture: It has a creamy consistency and also holds multi-coloured beads that I assume will exfoliate your skin. They gradually disappear as you massage your skin. It froths up relatively easily into a consistency that isn’t too runny.

The Verdict: I’m alright with this cleanser – it does its job well enough, lathers up easily and leaves the skin feeling soft and cleansed (with a very slight tinge of the stripped-dry sensation), but isn’t too drying. I’ve had no breakouts whatsoever, and the skin seems relatively radiant/healthy. I like the added benefits of the exfoliating beads that aren’t too abrasive – note that you shouldn’t be expecting a distinct improvement in the skin’s texture cos it’s not a multitude of beads/an exfoliating scrub; it actually just gives a more comforting massaging sensation. Overall, a rather decent cleanser to try out, as it should suit most skin types (oily/dry/combination). There’s a mild scent though (implying the presence of fragrance ingredients), which means those with sensitive skin types might wanna do a patch test before trying this out on the whole face).



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