Review / Swatches: Laneige Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tint

Yoohoo~! So I did get this a while back but never got the time to review them properly cos I was strutting my stuff in NYC hurhurhur. Sorry for the delay guys – the blog jetlag will wear off soon, I promise! In the meantime, here’s a rather overdue review on this year’s Laneige Meets Fashion collaboration with Lucky Chouette – their Serum Drop Tint is rather similar to their Water Drop Tint, I must say.









laneige-lucky-chouette-serum-drop-tint-6Now I admit they do look rather similar at first glance, but when you scrutinise them carefully, Bite Me has a blue tinge while Sassy Girl has a red-orange tinge.

laneige-lucky-chouette-serum-drop-tint-7Misty Rose is a richer red while Urban Coral has pink undertones.

I say…

The Packaging: A short tube measuring about 8cm tall and 2 cm wide. The sponge-tipped applicator attached to the twist-open cap is soft and not abrasive on the lips.

The Scent: I love the fruity fragrance that emanates out the moment you open the cap – pity that it doesn’t have a fruity taste like some other lip products.

The Texture: It’s pretty much a lightweight lip tint that glides across your lips. The colour intensity is a medium level, and probably serves more to tint and accentuate your natural lip colour than an actual colour coating (i.e. don’t be expecting rich lipstick creamy colours). That aside, most of the shades are rather similar, and only vary in terms of cool / warm undertones. When freshly applied, there’s a slight glossy finish but it’s isn’t too blinding, and I daresay there’s a slight increase in the moisture levels of your lips. That said, it doesn’t quite cover the chapped dry portions (which means to always exfoliate before applying), anddd once it wears out, it does leave the lips looking rather dry (this applies only to those who already have dry lips). Your lips will eventually fade to their natural colour after an hour or two.

The Verdict:  I like the cherry pout that comes with these Serum Drop Tints – in general, they’re not too bad, with medium colour payoff as well as medium wear time and some hydrating qualities. That said, it is essentially to do a lip scrub before applying this, and perhaps to coat with some Vaseline if you’re wearing this for an extended period of time in a dry interior.





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