Review: La Mer The Refining Facial

Tis another Mournday~ My weekend went by in a flash, simply cos I was running so many errands (and doing somewhat of running – that’s right, I spent 10 minutes rushing (safely) to a nearby HDB just to get myself a Blastoise hurhurhur). Anyhoos, besides doing some occasional Pokemon catching, I also did my usual weekend skin pampering, and this product from La Mer is included in my regime.

La Mer The Refining Facial (1)La Mer The Refining Facial – SGD$190

La Mer The Refining Facial (2)

La Mer The Refining Facial (3)

La Mer The Refining Facial (4)

La Mer The Refining Facial (5)

La Mer The Refining Facial (6)

La Mer The Refining Facial (7)

La Mer The Refining Facial (8)

I say…

The Packaging: A tube that stands somewhat steadily on its cap (which is mostly a flat surface with rounded edges). Now one little pet peeve I have with this cap is that it’s somewhat heavy (which helps in grounding and weighing down the tube), but because the portion that is adjoins the cap to the tube body (the screw nozzle portion) is small by comparison. This means that I sometimes can miss the joining portion, and the cap will fall to the ground (and cos it’s heavy), it might hit my foot / have a possibility of cracking.

The Scent: A slightly minty-menthol scent, which I must say is rather uncharacteristic of La Mer. I do like it though – it’s refreshing!

The Texture: Very fine grains/beads are in the creamy paste – they don’t feel overly abrasive against the skin, and yet after massaging gently with your fingertips, you’ll find that your skin is significantly smoother. The skin doesn’t feel too taut nor stripped dry, and I also find that makeup glides on more easily and more smoothly the next day. Yay!

The Verdict: The biggest deterrent to anyone buying this would be the price tag, but hold up now – the website says that it contains “almost two carats of pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz exfoliate skin while smart minerals convert the massage action into energy that stimulates circulation”, which defo justifies it. I also like that it leaves my skin smooth, soft, and maintains the hydration levels. I’d say this is something you can splurge on with that birthday angbao money, or perhaps call in a favour.



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