Review/Swatches: Estelle & Thild Lip Balm – 4 shades

Yoohoo~! Sorry for the mini hiatus – I’ve been bogged down with events this week, and I’ve barely had enough time to sleep. But hey, since it’s Friday, I gotta throw in one review, just because.  😀

Estelle Thild Lip Balms (1)Estelle & Thild Lip Balm – SGD$24 each

Estelle Thild Lip Balms (2)

Estelle Thild Lip Balms (3)

Estelle Thild Lip Balms (4)

Estelle Thild Lip Balms (5)

Estelle Thild Lip Balms (6)

I say…

Now this is gonna be a short review, cos in essence, it’s just a tinted lip balm.

The Packaging: It comes in a convenient squeezy tube with a tapered applicator. It does however, come in a pretty box with lovely flower motifs that’s very girly.

The Scent: It smells nice and fragrant with a mild scent.

The Colour Payoff: As you can tell, 3 of the four shades are pretty sheer (but with very minute shimmering sparkles)- they’re more foractual lip balm purposes (i.e. keeping your lips hydrated and moisturised). Even then, the “most intense” shade is Rosie Red, and it’s more of a red flush. Note that it does not tint your lips – once it wears off after eating and drinking, there won’t be any colour left on the lips.

The Texture: They’re lightweight, non greasy and non-sticky. It does help to an extent to soothe the lips and keep them from feeling dry and taut.

The Verdict: A pretty okay lip balm that does its job well – mostly for those who want a no-frills lip balm and love their organic stuff. You can opt to layer this over a matte lipstick for an extra shine, or under any lip products so that the colours don’t go into the fine lines of the lips. You can get them at Sephora or online from Sephora as well.


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