Review: Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment

I thought I’d seen it all with my dry and flakey lips (especially when I go overseas), but my body has decided to betray me by taking it one notch up – now the areas around my lips are peeling too. Alas. I sometimes try to salvage it with aloe vera gel to soothe the area around the lips, but eventually, there’s a need to prevent the moisture from escaping, which is why I usually resort to Vaseline, and now, this slightly more convenient alternative.

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (7)

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (1)Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (2)

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (3)Simply rotate the knob built into the lip treatment to dispense the product. P.S: le hand-painted lace nails were done at BeauMax.

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (4)

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (5)

Fresh Sugar Sport Treatment (6)


I say….

The Packaging: A convenient tube that has a built-in knob at the bottom to dispense the product. The design of the knob makes it slightly less prone to accidental turning. The cap is a click-on one, and the treatment stick itself has a slightly larger surface area as compared with your traditional lip products (since this can go on the face as well).

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: It applies smoothly onto the skin without dragging, and doesn’t have a greasy/sticky afterfeel. That said, there’s definitely a slight (and lightweight) film over the skin, and you can see a very slight sheen over the skin.

The Verdict: It definitely serves well as a lip balm, keeping my lips sufficiently moist/preventing the moisture from escaping (I use it as a base for tints), and I love that it can be applied on the area around the lips too. Did I mention there’s an SPF factor? That said, I wouldn’t apply it over my entire face/eye area if I were wearing makeup; this would be really suitable for a day out in the sun when you’ve got barely any makeup on and yet still want to have some semblance of sun/moisture protection. Overall, a decent lip balm product that has an extra function.


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