Review: Peripera Peri’s Ink

I love my lipsticks cos they’re creamy, hydrating and have strong intensely pigmented colours. However, they do leave rather tell-tale signs on glasses, cutlery, and -gasp- even my cushion when I accidentally fall asleep while hugging it. The solution? Lip tints!

PeriPera Peris Ink (1)Peripera Peri’s Ink

PeriPera Peris Ink range

PeriPera Peris Ink range2

PeriPera Peris Ink (2)

PeriPera Peris Ink (3)Applying the product to my arm and cleaning it off within 5 minutes – the tint is strong! In fact, it wouldn’t budge off my arm for a good 24 hours (but note that the skin has different cells/texture from your lips).

PeriPera Peris Ink (4)

Hera Uv Mist Cushion Long Stay (9)Face: Hera UV Mist Cushion Long Stay, Cheeks: Alice in Wonderland x Beyond Glow Lips & Cheeks, Lips: Peripera Peri’s Ink

I say…

The Packaging: A cute little bottle that looks like it’s belongs on a neon version of Harry Potter – it kinda looks like an ink bottle. Now there’s a stopper top but it is there purely for design purposes – when you open the cap, you’ll find a flat spade-like sponge applicator with a tapered tip instead of a dropper.

The Scent: A pleasant fruity berry scent.

The Application: There’s no science to this – just open the cap and apply it to your lips. The tapered portion of the applicator makes it easy to draw an outline (even without a lip brush), and it’s soft and smooth enough without being overly abrasive on the lips. The colour intensity is strong – one coat is enough to get the colour you see above.

The Verdict: I bought this product based on the fact that it would not budge for a full 24 hours after I swatched this on my arm, like woah. I’m very impressed. Granted that the lips are of a different cell composition as the arm’s skin, it certainly didn’t last for 24 hours (with usual eating and drinking activities), but it did last an impressively long period of time for at least 8 hours. The intensity faded slowly over the hours but you could still see a nice pink tinge at the end of the day, plus it did not sink into the fine line of the lips. There was some very slight staining of the water tumbler, but nothing as obvious as a lipstick/gloss would leave. What I also like is that it’s rather glossy/hydrating – more so than some other tints. To refresh the colour, you can apply a layer of vaseline/lip balm (I like using the Fresh Sugar Sport that comes with SPF protection) over it. Overall, a vibrant tint product that I’d recommend cos it works well and is pretty affordable (I can’t quite remember the price but I think it was about KRW8,000). Definitely one of my favourite tints to wear (along with Innisfree’s that even has a cherry taste).





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