Swatches: MAC Vibe Tribe Eye Shadow x 4 – Call of the Canyon + Wild Horses

Yoohoo~ how was your weekend everybardy? I attend the launch of the MAC x Chris Chang range (which I’ve already swatched here). MAC is awesome for its multiple launches (which can be a pro for the beauty junkie and a con for the wallet), and the Vibe Tribe collection is one of its key launches for this year. I’m loving the Gleamtones powder, which is an overall face powder that can also be used as highlighter/contour – for those who prefer a stronger and bolder look, try these eyeshadows from the same range.

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow 1MAC Vibe Tribe Eye Shadow x 4

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow colours

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow 2

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow 3

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow 4

First impression: The Call of the Canyon palette is a warmer tone with gold tints in most of its colours (except for the Call of the Canyon shade which is a pearly white shimmer).

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow 5

MAC Vibe Tribe Eyeshadow 6

First impressions: Wild Horses is the cooler of the duo, and has less shimmers/gold tints – it’s mostly matte actually. The colours are mostly wearable on a daily basis – great for creating a day smokey look – and Blue Mesa shade can be used to blend into the browns, or as a striking eyeliner if you’re keen.

MAC Vibe Tribe range of products now available at all MAC counters islandwide.


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