Wanna perm or do your hair in Seoul? Try Jei of Switch Zone – updated 24 May 2016

It was by a stroke of luck that I first stumbled upon the salon that Jei worked in sometime in 2010. Ever since then, I’ve been going back to Jei to do my hair. One thing I learned from Korean culture is to give good fan service – instead of simply recommending my stylist Jei to you, I’ve gone a step further to do up a blog entry on how you can get to her new salon 😀

Update as of 24 May 2016: This is actually an update of a blogpost I did back in 2013 – Jei used to be from another salon back then (Cecica Hair Salon), but she’s currently with Switch Zone hair [as of 1 June 2016]. 

Address: 303 Daeheung-dong Mapo-gu Seoul

Tel: 02)706-9055

Email: switchzone@naver.com

Note to my readers: I no longer patronise Cecica Hair Salon. I have always paid for my services with them (non-sponsored, so my opinions are unbiased). I have received comments from readers/friends stating that they went to Cecica after Jei left, and found the serviced standards to be unsatisfactory (you can read the comments section). I have decided to follow Jei to Switch Hair Zone as I trust her – and her service standards have not faltered. And yes, I still pay to get my hair done there. 🙂


Here’s a rough price gauge – I had my hair permed, treated and trimmed for KRW190,000.

Jei Switch Zone price Jei Switch Zone price2


  • Take the Subway Line 6
  • Alight at Daeheung Station
  • Take Exit 3
  • Climb up the stairs (there’s a lotttt)
  • When you reach the street level, do a u-turn
  • Walk a couple of steps.
  • You’ll reach a junction where there’s a CU convenience store – turn left.
  • Walk down the street for about 3-5 mins
  • You’ll see a salon with a faux grass patch out front
  • Voila – you’re there!
  • (It’s directly across the road from Lotteria (the Korean fast food equivalent of McDonald’s)


Take the Subway on Line 6 (this odd mustard-brown colour) and alight at Daeheung Station. You can transfer at Hapjeong station which connects to the more commonly used Green Line 2.

Jei Switch Zone subway map


Jei Switch Zone 1

What you’ll see just as you tap out of the gantry [look for signages leading you to Exit 3]

Jei Switch Zone 2

Jei Switch Zone 3

As you follow the signs to Exit 3, you’ll approach an escalator

Jei Switch Zone 4

Jei Switch Zone 5

Once you step off the escalator, this is what you’ll see – turn to the left for Exit 3

 Jei Switch zone 6

Jei Switch zone 7

And it’s time to werk baybeh – work those gluts hurhurhur.

Jei Switch Zone 8

Now this is what you’ll see once you reach the top of the stairs – DO NOT GO STRAIGHT. Instead, make a U-turn back.

Jei Switch Zone 9

You’ll see this store – continue walking along the street till you reach a junction (about 1-2 minutes)

Jei Switch Zone 10

And here’s the junction! Turn left.


Jei Switch Zone 11

The landmark to look out for will be CU, a convenience store at the junction.

Jei Switch Zone 12

Continue walking down the street (after turning left at CU)

Jei Switch Zone 14

see that little brown building? You’re there!

Jei Switch Zone 15

Voila! Welcome to Switch Zone!

Jei Switch Zone 17

The signage is more visible if you go further down the street / overshoot the entrance.

Once you step in, here’s what you’ll see

Jei Switch Zone 18

Jei Switch Zone 19

Jei Switch zone 20

Jei Switch Zone 21

Lockers for you to deposit your belongings while you do your hair

Jei Switch Zone 25

Jei Switch Zone 22

Jei Switch Zone 16

Jei Switch Zone 23

Our hair is done! 😀

Jei Switch Zone 24

May 2016: Permed, treatment and trimmed 😀

Jei speaks minimal English, so it’s best that you bring photos to show her what you want. What I love about her is that she’s got the whole strict disciplinarian vibe about her, kinda like Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter but with a great fashion sense. She will always recommend you a hairstyle/color/treatment that suits your hair texture/ face / overall fashion sense.

cecica hair permThat’s Jei on the left with the bangs and the stern face. haha. scary balls.

hair_before_afterSept 2011: After my first perm  done by Jei.

cecica hair perm 2May 2012: After my second perm by Jei

cecica hair sep 2012Sept 2012: As you can see, in the photo on the left, my hair has deteriorated to epic proportions, but with Jei’s magic hands, voila! I am selca worthy again (on the right)!

cecica hair dec 2012 Dec 2012: I wanted to dye my hair but she absolutely refused to do it, cos my hair was too damaged. She insisted on a hair treatment (they call it clinic) and hair cut chop of 4-6 inches. Whining or pouting doesn’t work lol.


cecica hair apr 2013

Apr 2013: Koreans have this particular hair treatment called manicure – it has the same meaning as a nail manicure – a coating over the hair strand to help hold the colour pigments better. However, the downside is that the next time you wanna change your hair colour or redye, it’ll be a lot harder for the colour pigments to get through the manicure layer.

Since my hair was too porous and damaged from 2 rounds of perming, it didn’t’t hold colour dye pigments that well. I wanted to do the bright red dye + manicure – again, adamant refusal from Jei cos she said that my hair was recovering and I shouldnt do anything to jeapardise it. She did consent to a normal hair dye, the usual hair clinic and some minor trimming though.

cecica hair before after apr 2013My hair chopped again BUT it looks much healthier, doesn’t it? Jasmine did Magic Straight, which is rebonding but somehow is better, lasts longer and makes her hair look healthier.

cecica 1June 2014: After growing my hair out for a year, it’s finally suitable for perming again!


cecica 2aNaise, naise?


cecica 3My pal also wanted to go Rita Ora and got this effect from jet black hair – I think she bleached her hair thrice and Jei stopped at there, cos she didn’t want to damage her hair. I think her hair still looks pretty healthy right? It only cost KRW80,000. Woot.

cecica groupFinally, a shot with Jei!







127 thoughts on “Wanna perm or do your hair in Seoul? Try Jei of Switch Zone – updated 24 May 2016

  1. HI!

    what did you do to your hair and how much did it cost? do you know what a normal haircut would cost? gg seoul soon and deciding bwtn this and juno hair! (:

    • WOW thanks for such a detailed reply!!!

      im quite keen on the magic volume thing but do you know if when the roots grow out the “volume” will form a weird bump? hahah ive acty been following yr blog for quite a while cus i love the way you blog and yr reviews on all things korean. cant wait for more of yr korea blog post before i fly on 4th may!

    • I can speak Korean so I use that and some pictures to communicate what I want. She speaks minimal English, so that’s why I wrote in my entry that it’s better if you bring photos. She’s really good at gauging from photos whether it suits you or not. 🙂

      • How long do you need to put aside for a perm? Cos I’m going for a work trip and v tight on time:) thanks!

      • Ooh. You’ll need a minimum of 3 hours at least, and that’s if she only has you as her customer. I’m usually seated there for 4-5 hours for a perm + treatment + free cut. Colour + treatment + free cut is about 3 hours. I think you can call to make an appointment if you’re tight on time, to make sure that she attends to you first 🙂

    • Oh that’s such a waste. you should really try their hair services there. it’s really good and much better than Singapore 😀

      It really depends on your budget and your agenda – I usually stay in Myeongdong cos I shop for a lot of skincare and makeup, and everything is there, so I can just buy and deposit into my room, and come down for round 2.

      If you’re into fashion, sinchon and hongdae are better places to stay cos there are a lot of fashion stores there. hongdae fashion is edgier and funkier while sinchon is slightly more casual trendy.

      If you’re into sightseeing, there are too many places to recommend – just pick one near a subway station that isn’t too far out? 😀

      hope it helps!

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  3. Hello! i had my hair done at cecica and i loved it! thanks for the awesome recommendation! i even showed Jei yr picture and told her you recommended Cecica and she remembers you!

  4. Do you know any nice and good Korean hair salon in sg ? How I wish I can travel to korea soon~ but meantime wish to try Korean hair salon in sg

    • Hey Jolie,

      I haven’t personally gone to any Korean salons in Singapore cos they’re quite pricey, but I’ll check with my Korean friends and let you know? 🙂

  5. Hello 🙂

    Just wondering do you need to book an appointment before getting magic straight or can you get it done on the day?

    Also how many days can I not wet my hair after getting magic straight?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Amy,

      I’ve actually been pretty lucky so far. Most of the times I just walk in without an appointment and Jei could do my hair. There was once that I walked in and Jei had an appointment for that time, so I had to wait a bit (about 15-30 mins) before she could do my hair. But she’s never turned me down before.. If you’ve got a tight window frame you may want to make an appointment first 🙂

      For magic straight, my friend did it and she could only wash her hair 2 days later (ie if I do it today, you can’t wash your hair today or tomorrow, but you can wash it the day after).

  6. Hey Faith, I thinkkkk it might be slightly difficult to make an appointment via the phone if you don’t speak Korean, You could try emailing though – I think dates like 2013.07.22 (they go by yyyy,mm,dd) and timing are easier, and if you use simple english, I think they can try using Google Translate 😀

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  13. Hello!I need help for my hair . We have plan a vacation next week in Seoul, and I saw this Salon when I’m searching in the internet. I want my hair to do the magic straightening or Rebonding. My hair is wavy and up to the shoulder the length. I need to know how much is the cost? Also for the price of the hair treatment ?. My hair is so dry. How can I make an appointment? I don’t know how to speak Korean language. I will be there next Tuesday for one week vacation.
    It’s ok by walk in or appointment? Please e-mail me back and thank you in advance for your time.
    How many hours the treatment will be done.


    • Hi Amie,

      I’m not sure about the magic straightening/rebonding treatment price cos they sometimes have a special package price going on. I think (but don’t take my word for it) it could be KRW120,000 and above. Their salon is affordable, which is why I keep going back.

      For the hair treatment (for better hair quality), I think it ranges. There are 2 tiers (normal and premium), and if I remember clearly, it should be KRW60,000 and KRW90,000. I highly recommend the premium tier one cos that’s what I do, and it makes my hair so glossy and healthy for weeks and months after.

      You can either make an appointment via their website (but it’s in Korean ), or you can do a walk-in. I usually just walk in. They open from 11am to 8pm, but if you’re doing such treatments which will take about 2-4 hours on average, it’s best you go in before 5pm.

      If you can’t speak Korean, it’s okay. Either bring in photos of the style you want, or during the consultation period, they will have a laptop on the table and you can surf the internet or their website to see what you want. Jei also has a large folder of various styles so you can flip to see. They should be able to understand basic english words such as “Magic Straight”.

      Have a great holiday and here’s to awesome pretty hair! 😀

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    • Hi, usually there’s a package of sorts, whether it’s perm + treatment + cut or colour + treatment + cut, so there’s an all-in price, which varies based on hair length. I know there’s a package now for colour + treatment + cut for long hair (mine is past the bra strap level) and mine is KRW189,000. I will try to ask about the perm package soon. The price level in general is affordable and defo better than most other salons in this area 🙂

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  17. Thanks for the picture guide! Managed to do my hair now, Jei is also my stylist and she recognised ur pics. Showed her this.

    And oh, it girl is still there. I guess it was under renovation in June. 🙂

  18. 양사장님 안녕하세요~

    전 세린 (달자)에요~ 싱가폴 잡지기자 / 파워 블로거에요~ 몇번째 쎄시카 미용실에 갔는데 혹시 기억이 나세요? 제이샘이 자주 머리 잘해줘서 고맙습니다~ 제가 이메일이 beautifulbuns.sg@gmail.com에요~ 필요하시면 연락해주세요~ ^^

  19. Hello! Yes first tkme i went, i did a walk in but i was lucky went during a non-peak hour so i didn’t have to wait. I guess it depends on the timing you go? As mentioned in my blog, the best way to request for a haircut if you don’t speak Korean is to bring a photo or save it on your phone and show it to them 🙂

    • oh..i have a photo of how i want my haircut!! i guess they arent open on sundays…ill try tomorrow and make an appointment…on the phone…its kind of hard but i think it will be fine then ^__^

    • oh and im not sure if you remember…but do you remember how much it was for a simple haircut?

      Thanks alot !! ill contact them tomorrow ^_^

      • sorry I don’t know the price for a haircut cos I’ve never gone there for just that alone.. usually I go for a perm/treatment or a color/treatment, and then they’ll throw in a cut/trim for free 🙂 Have fun there!

  20. hi tricia, I’m actually here right now! 🙂 you can try to walk in cos that’s what I did the first time I came in. You may have to wait a bit but it won’t be that long. I usually make an appointment so I don’t have to wait 🙂 have fun!

    • Hi serene, I’m not sure how much she charges cos they have promotion packages from time to time, plus it depends on your hair length, but it’s definitely less than S$290 even for the longest hair length

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  24. Hello! I love your review and your hair keeps looking better as you go back to cecica!
    I’m looking to get my hair dyed while I’m in seoul. Just wondering if this salon you’ve recommended is good with ombré and balayage style dyes? 🙂

    • Hey Natasha,

      Thank you! I honestly haven’t tried any ombre colours while at Cecica, but I have done hair dyes before and they’re pretty good – the colour is usually what I ask for and it lasts quite long with a healthy sheen too. I have a gf who went Rita Ora-blonde there before as well – her hair was still healthy after several rounds of bleaching.

      One thing to note though – Jei is pretty strict when it comes to maintaining the hair quality, so if she notices that your hair may not be able to withstand the many rounds of bleaching/colour, or perhaps it’s currently damaged and cannot take more colouring/doesn’t suit your colour, she will not do it because she doesn’t want to damage your hair.

      I’d still recommend that you head over and try it out, simply cos I know my hair is always safe with them and even if I am brattish and insist “I must have Nicki Minaj pink!”, Jei will also pull me back and say “No” and save my hair 🙂

      You should also set aside quite a number of hours because she will insist on a hair treatment after the dye to help keep the hair healthy.

      Have fun!

  25. Hello! so glad i came across your blog as i am currently deciding which hair saloons in Edae to go for big, voluminous curls perm (my hair is thin so i dont look nice with my hair straight ㅠㅠ). i did my perm last time somewhere in hapjeong, i think but this time i opted for Edae because i am currently learning Korean In Ewha W Univ so i dont have to go that far.

    Loving your blog so much, i am definitely dropping by Cecica tomorrow after class. but i have a few questions though:
    (1) i did my perm last 3 months and the curls are fading so i was thinking should i do another perm again? or is it too fast?
    (2) can i pay by debit card? (sorry, i just wanted to make sure)
    (3) since i am going on monday, would Jei be free around 5.30pm (because i decided to do a walk in)? i dont speak korean that well yet so i cant really call them

    Please do advise! looking forward to hear from you soon ^^

    With Love,

    • Hello!
      1) you’ll have to ask Jei cos she will have the expertise to gauge after inspecting the condition and quality of your hair
      2) debit I’m not so sure but credit works.
      3) she doesn’t work on Sundays so I’m guessing she should be there, but it really depends on whether she’s got other customers at the moment? I know Saturdays are usually the busiest so Monday should be slightly better.

      Have fun getting awesome hair! ^^

  26. Thank you so much for writing this blogg entry. I’m in Seoul for vacation and really wanted to get a c-curl perm but did not know were to go. Today I went to Cecica Hair and I love the result!

    • Hello! I’m so glad that you had a great hair-y experience! I wanted my blog to be a helpful one instead of 100 selfies, so I’m really so happy that you got the hair you wanted 😀

  27. Hello! unfortunately I have no idea whether she’s cut your sort of hair before – based on what I’ve seen, she usually does Asian hair. You could pop by to ask and see what your gut feel is? Good luck! 🙂

  28. Hi! Thanks for the detailed directions, I’ll be going to Korea shortly and would love to get my hair cut there. At first I was looking in to getting it done at a JUNO, but after reading about your experience with Cecica I feel like I’m leaning towards them, and the prices seems a little cheaper as well. I assume if its 4 of us, its better to make a reservation huh? How much in advance do you think we should make the reservation? Would you recommend this place to guys as well? Thank you.

    • Yup it’s best to make a reservation. Try to do it at least 3 days in advance? I know Saturdays are their most busy days so perhaps try to avoid that day if possible? And yes, my bro and guy friends have gone there before and loved the cuts 🙂 have fun!

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  30. Hey I saw your blog and it’s really good and detailed with lots of information which is is soooooo useful! I tried calling but as I don’t really speak Korean (aside from saying hello) just wondering if you knew what their email address is? I can’t really make it out from their website.

    Thanks So much!

    • Hi Anna, I don’t have their email addresses as they don’t do the usual methods of emailing in for queries though. The Koreans usually do it via the website forum and by leaving them a Q&A / Comment on the forum page. 🙂

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  33. Hi they don’t have one, cos if they had I would have posted it. 🙂 they do Q&A and reservations via the link (to their website/forum) that I’ve posted in my review. Have fun doing your hair~! ^^

  34. Hi Dalja!

    the directions you gave were so detailed and I managed to find the salon quickly 🙂

    luckily J had time to do my curls when I walked in and she’s really awesome. she knew immediately who the blogger was when I told her I followed a blog recommendation to the salon.

    thanks for the recommendation!

  35. Hi, I’m going to Seoul next week.
    I love your reviews. Tks!

    Wondering if Jei is good at styling short hair (above shoulder).

    • hello! do you mean styling or actually doing (cutting/perming)? in any case my friends with all sort of hair lengths have gone to her (including my own brother), and she’s done a great job, so you should be in good hands 🙂

      • Hi! Actually, both….cutting and styling.

        I am looking forward to find my way to the salon.

        Thank you.

  36. Hi

    May I know how you made a reservation? Via phone? I don’t know a word of Korean and was hoping I can email them instead 😖

    • Hi, the Korean salons don’t function via emails – they have this online forum where you can leave a note asking for the date and time and tell them the services you want to do. The first time I went, I walked in. You can do the same but I guess you have to be mentally prepared to wait (if there are many customers, especially on a Saturday). 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip! Is your stylist very popular though? Cos I want to engage her to do my curls for me. Yours turned out great. What I wanted actually!


      • I think she has quite a fair share of customers…I guess you could try asking your hotel to call them to make an apptmt for you in korean? 🙂

  37. Hello! I think in general, any chemical treatment (i.e. perming, straightening) will result in some hair quality loss and therefore a more porous hair strand. Thus, it’s safe to say that colouring permed hair will definitely fade after a period of time, and it really depends on many factors – the quality of your hair before/after treatment, the choice of your hair colour (red tends to fade more easily while darker browns can stay on longer), your lifestyle, your climate (too much sun exposure can cause hair quality to deteriorate and therefore result in colour pigments falling out from your hair strand faster) etc. And to answer your question, yes the colour does fade but it does not differ much from when I used to dye my hair on un-permed hair. 🙂

    • Thanks for your detailed reply! I’ve made a reservation on their we sit but have not obtained a reply..are there other ways to contact the salon apart from calling?

    • Hi! I’ve just realised that Jei may no longer be working at Cecica Hair Salon as her profile is no longer on the website. Do you have any idea where she is working now?

      • hello! yes she has left Cecica – she has not told me where she’s moving to, but I will be visiting her in May and I will do up a proper blog post 🙂

  38. hi there, I’ve also been going to Jei at Cecica (thanks to you – although I’m not a blogger, just a reader). I’ll be going to Seoul in May too – can you tell me where she is, so I can visit her then?

    • Sure! I intend to do up a proper blog post about her new place – I don’t have any details but I do know that it’s of a similar price range hohoho. Pls check back at end-May (cos that’s when I’ll be back) 😀

      • I’ll be going earlier than you – around 11-13 May so unfortunately, I can’t wait until end-May…Do you have her contact no (I’ll drop you a line), so I can ask her where she is? I don’t want to make a wasted trip to seoul, it’s so expensive! 😦

      • Hmmm. she actually won’t be starting work that early in May though.. she’s actually on a break now. I can try to ask her for you if she’s going to start earlier.

    • Hello! I’ve found Jei and she’s at Switch Zone hair. It’s at Daeheung station on Line 6, and it’s within 5 mins’ walk (across the road from Lotteria). I will update with clearer directions soon 🙂

  39. Thank you so much for the timely update! I read your post last week when I was researching for a good salon to go for perm (I’m visiting in May, my first trip to Korea!). I was going to make an appointment at Cecica, but I’m glad that I saw your update now. I was also recommended by a friend to try out Soonsiki, have you been to this salon or heard any reviews about it? Thanks!

    • Hello! I’ve found Jei and she’s at Switch Zone hair. It’s at Daeheung station on Line 6, and it’s within 5 mins’ walk (across the road from Lotteria). I will update with clearer directions soon 🙂

  40. Would appreciate it if you can update us the salon Jei will be joining. Email to make reservation with Jei & was told she has left Cecica.

    Will be in Seoul 13th-24th May, hope to get a chance to meet her.

    • Hello! I’ve found Jei and she’s at Switch Zone hair. It’s at Daeheung station on Line 6, and it’s within 5 mins’ walk (across the road from Lotteria). I will update with clearer directions soon 🙂

    • Hello! I’ve found Jei and she’s at Switch Zone hair. It’s at Daeheung station on Line 6, and it’s within 5 mins’ walk (across the road from Lotteria). I will update with clearer directions soon 🙂

  41. Hi Dalja, I’m now in Seoul and would like to try out Jei, please let me know if you know which salon has she moved to. Alternatively, do you have other hair salon to recommend? Thanks!

    • Hello! She’s currently taking a break at the moment, so you won’t be able to get her. She will probably start work at the end of this month at a new salon – will update when I have news. I guess you can try Cecica still? I think the other stylists should be pretty decent 🙂

    • Hello! I’ve found Jei and she’s at Switch Zone hair. It’s at Daeheung station on Line 6, and it’s within 5 mins’ walk (across the road from Lotteria). I will update with clearer directions soon 🙂

  42. I was gonna go back to KR and look for Jei… Thank goodness I read your post. She did my hair in Oct and I loved it!!! Am looking forward to your update!

    • Hello! I’ve found Jei and she’s at Switch Zone hair. It’s at Daeheung station on Line 6, and it’s within 5 mins’ walk (across the road from Lotteria). I will update with clearer directions soon 🙂

      • Hi Cheryl.. i dropped by Switch a while ago. Jei won’t start work till June. Just an update for those who wish to visit the salon in May.

  43. OMG!!Thanks for updating!!After reading your blog 2 years ago I’ve always go to Jei to fixed my hair!!
    Really appreciate it! 🙂 Will you be doing your hair there this year as well? 🙂

    • Actually I just did my hair yesterday 🙂 she doesn’t officially start work there till 1 June though. She just did me a favour as a friend. Hehe. Hope you get good hair there soon! 🙂

  44. Hello ! ^^ I chance upon your blog while researching about Cecica Hair Salon, I would like to ask which hair salon is more affordable and good in service? Cecica or Switch Zone ? As i’m considering to do a perm + colour (purple sombre) and my hair length just nice reaches my bra hook at the back. Thank you ! 😀

    • Hello, I was served by Jei at both places so speaking honestly, the service is exactly the same. I would think (and hope) that the service at Cecica has maintained its standards since Jei left, but as I haven’t been back there, I cannot say for sure. The price ranges for both are about the same – I think Switch Zone is slightly cheaper, but just by a bit. For the services you want, I cannot advise any further because I don’t work there, so it’s best you email them to ask? 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply !! 😀 For Cecica, the perm and colour, do you know what’s the estimated price range for long hair ? 🙂

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  46. Hi Cheryl,
    I have a silly question to check with you..As I’m planning to look for Jei to do my hair together with 2 of my friends, would she able to handle all 3 of us together?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • hello! She probably would be able to (via multi-tasking), but it would be best to buffer some time before your next apptmt, ie. maybe you should allocate about 2-3 hours in total for all of you to get your hair done (including waiting time). She will probably have some colleagues help out i.e. one of you gets your hair washed, while the other gets a treatment done, and the third gets the hair trimmed etc. I’ve gone with 2 friends before too, and this was what happened. Best to also make an apptmt so that she can make sure there’s enough manpower to help out 😀

  47. Hi Bunz

    Quite unfortunate. I still went back to Cecica to do my hair by another stylist. unfortunately it was not a very pleasant experience. stylist wasn’t friendly, no offering of a drink, and she seem stubborn to listening to what I really wanted.. Kept saying that no it can’t be done. Felt quite discouraged 😦 . And the turn out wasn’t how i wanted .. Just needed to let it out xD

    Guess I will make my way to Jei by hook or crook.

    • Hello! So sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience – I have experienced that sort of disappointing salon stylist before, and I totally know how it feels (especially when you don’t get the end result you want). That’s why I trust Jei with my hair 😀 hope you get prettier hair and a happier experience the next time round!

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  55. hi! i love reading your blog and went to cecica a year ago but recently, i had Digi perm done in another salon 5 days ago in a nearer salon and i think the curls did not stay. I’m planning to go to switch salon but is it possible to retouch this early?

  56. Hi! Im Jei’s assistant from switchzone, heard so much about ur blog, decided to come here and say hi. Thank you so much for writing this for us and just letting u know, since i can speak fluent english, i can help jei out with translation if there are people asking, u can let them know 🙂 and also if people are having hard time making appointments thru email they can DM us on instagram: id: switchzonehair
    Im managing the instagram so it will be easiler to translate. Thank you and have a blessed day

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