Swatches: MAC Versicolour Stain – 9 shades

MAC has always been known for its strong colours and lipsticks, but now, say hello to their new Versicolour Stain. This will be just a short post showing you the colour swatches and my first impressions of them.

Mac Versicolour stain (1)MAC Versicolour Stain

Mac Versicolour stain shades

Mac Versicolour stain (2)

Mac Versicolour stain (3)

Mac Versicolour stain (4)

Mac Versicolour stain (5)

Mac Versicolour stain (6)

First impressions:

  • Hydrating and gives a slightly glossy finish.
  • Works well on dry chapped lips.
  • Sheer colours with one coat, but can be built up into a more intense colour with more coats.
  • Tints/stains the lips very effectively – in fact, when I did the swatches on my arm for this post, they actually stained my arm for a long, long time. Even after removing with cleansing water, cleansing emulsion, and a cleansing oil-soaked tissue, these did not budge until more than 24 hours later.
  • Gives a bright colour that’s wearable for most occasions.

Overall: I really like this! Worth trying out for those looking for a lip product that’s lightweight and yet gives a decent colour payoff. It also helps that this stays on (albeit a more toned down shade) even after eating and drinking.




2 thoughts on “Swatches: MAC Versicolour Stain – 9 shades

  1. I was eyeing these… I’m not one for crazy stains but these look like something I could wear. I especially love the shade you’re showing on your lips, Truly Everlasting. Thanks for the swatches!

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