Travel: Visiting FANCL in Hong Kong + they’re coming back to Singapore!

Have you heard the news? Fancl is coming back into Singapore, and it’s really, really soon! Now I know the exact date, but I can’t mention when – I can give a hint though: It’s no joke. Geddit, geddit, hurhurhur? Ok fine, it’s actually the 1 April.  Anyhoos, I visited Fancl’s regional headquarters in bustling Hong Kong a couple of weekends ago to find out more about the brand that’s well known for having no preservatives. From what I gather, they were previously in Singapore under their Japanese office, but pulled out of our market to reorganise their business structure, and are now re-entering our market under their regional office which is in HK. Here’s what went down during this short whirlwind trip.

DAY 1 – Arrival & briefing

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (1) combinedUs waiting to board the plane – my seat buddy for this 4-hour flight would be Yina Goh, (during which we both just concussed like old fogies heh).

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (4)And we haz touchdown! Behind me are the other girls, one of whom unfortunately had a near-new Rimowa luggage bumped so massively that there was a huge dent as well as a damaged wheel. sadness 😦


Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (5)Us being surprisingly chirpy (though bespectacled and puffy) despite waking up at 5-6am. That said, I was dying to just lie down and do a couple of rolls on the bed to relax the back.

Say hello to Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel, located at Tsim Sha Tsui 😀

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (6)A pretty big room, complete with a living area.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (7)

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (8)On the right, there’s even my very own walk-in wardrobe.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (9)Oh hello there, what’s that I see in the toilet?

It’s a welcome pack with Fancl products for me to try – yay! Now I’ve heard many good things about their washing powder, but I’ve never actually tried it (IKR, #onefaceonly, most unfortunately). I gave myself a good wash-up, and then it was time to head on over to Fancl’s office.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (10)At the reception – this was just the start of many, many, many pretty and fresh-faced Fancl employees (seriously guys, there’s no better product endorsement that employees who use the products and look that good. Imma jelly!). And psst – did you notice the signboard above her? It actually says “Fantastic Natural Cosmetics Limited”, which actually could be abbreviated to FANCL hurhurhur. Well done Fancl, I see what you did there.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (11)A waiting area which normally would have a great view of the Hong Kong city, but was unfortunately obscured by the fog that day.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (12)Before commencing the briefing – we haz some goodies to eat. Noms.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (13)

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (14)

Here are some fun facts about Fancl:

  • Its “Small packaging” design ensures the best usage period and shortens consumption time, keeping the ingredients fresh and effective.
  • They come in hermetically sealed containers to prevent any contamination, allowing the skin to enjoy a refreshing skin care experience.
  • Production dates are clearly indicated to ensure freshness, creating perfect skin for consumers at maximum efficiency.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (15)Checking out their products – which range from skincare to supplements (and even makeup!) – before the presentation starts proper.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (18)

Remember earlier on I mentioned that their Washing Powder is super popular? Their Mild Cleansing Oil is pretty awesome too, because it utilises the theory of Nano Cleansing Particles. In short, it just means that the super refined Nano Cleansing Particles (very, very tiny particles) are able to penetrate into your pores and effectively lift out and remove makeup. What’s more, there’s no need to add water to emulsify the oil – simply rub it gently onto the skin (there’s no skin pull/friction cos the texture is really smooth), and the makeup will just melt and flush out.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (16)Putting their products to the test with other competitors’ cleansing oils.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (17)And voila – as you can see, the lime (which presumably was used because of its similar texture as our noses) that was cleansed by Fancl is the cleanest.

Psst: Did you know that the Mild Cleansing Oil also contains keratotic plug removal oil that helps dissolve the dirt in pores, thus unclogging it and preventing blackheads, acne and a sallow yellow skintone caused by oxidation?

Now although Fancl’s cleansing products are pretty awesome, their skincare range is pretty decent too – based purely on this cute little mask test. Similar amounts of moisturising lotions were poured over expandable sheet masks, and then they were laid out for comparison.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (19)

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (20)Surprise, surprise! The one by Fancl is the most moist of the four, and even after some time of being left out in the open, Fancl’s mask remained the most moist. I’m rather impressed.


Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (21)Next up is the whitening demonstration – crushed tablets of their whitening supplement were added to iodine water, and woah, they turned clear! Now yes, I know the body is not made of iodine, but I’m just very wowed by the fact that it really “whitens” the water. It could be a clear case of chemistry at work though, who knows. In any case, it’s pretty amazing to see – will upload the video soon! 😀


Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (22)

One of Fancl’s most popular products are its Tense Up collagen drink. What makes it different are its tri-peptide collagen strings of molecules that are smaller enough to pass through the digestion system into where it matters- your skin!

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (23)

And on to the skin test – I was looking forward to this, but also somewhat dreading it (you know, cos harsh truth in your faceeeeeee).

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (24)

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (25)A special skin-test machine that will analyse all facets of your skin.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (32) combined

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (26)

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (27)Me and my friendly and extremely youthful-looking therapist

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (28)Behold, the gruesome close-up of my skin -eeps-

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (29)You see those glowing red spots? No, it’s not an interstellar visual – it’s spots of oil/sebum on my skin. Heh.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (33)Look at me being all smiley when I was actually thinking “omergawd my skin is doomed to eternity and beyonddddd”

You’ll be able to get the same skin test done when Fancl opens in Singapore, so that you can buy stuff that suit your skin 😀


Fancl’s washing powder may seem a little daunting at first, since you have to work up a foam (as opposed to just squeezing out the usual cleansing foam). There’s a certain technique to it – kinda like working up a hadouken in those mangas and animes. Here’s how you can do it.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (34)A puff of lather so firm that you can even hold it.

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (36)And I’m ready for the challenge!

Fancl Hong Kong Day1 (37) combined


Simply pour a small amount onto your palm (can be dry or damp), wet the foaming ball, roll it around in a circular motion in a rather quick motion, and watch the foam form! Strangely enough, I found it satisfying. Heh.

We ended the rather long day with dinner at one helluva swanky French place called ePure at Harbour City. Like woah – that’s real fine dining at its best (well, to my super unrefined palate anyways heh).

Fancl Day1 (38)

DAY 2 – Store visits

Now I’m used to the smallish counters we used to have in Singapore, as well as the one store (I think?) at Orchard ION. The stores in Hong Kong are wayyyyy prettier and larger.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (1)A store that sells only supplements located at Harbour City Mall, which we happened to pass by.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (2)

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (3)


Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (4)Fancl’s Concept store at Festival Walk

80 Tat Chee Avenue, Shop 30, UG/F

Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (5)

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (6)and this is why I don’t do OOTDs hahahaha.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (7)fine, here’s a proper one in front of the pretty store to do it justice

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (8)when you enter through this entrance, you’ll find yourself in this Art Zone where visuals are projected onto the LED walls. Veh purdee. Walk in further to reach the retail portion of the store…

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (9)…where you’ll be greeted by a plethora of products…

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (11)…and there’s even a skin test consultation area here.


Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (12)

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (13)Look at the perfect ball of foam from their Washing Powder! My inner OCD very much approves of this. Hah.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (14)

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (15)We be done with this first store – now on to the second!

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (16)On to the second store: FANCL Cityplaza

18 Tai Koo Shing Road, Shop No. 285, 2/F

Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (17)

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (18)Did you know that Fancl also has makeup? Cos I so did not knowwww.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (20)Not all of its stores in HK carry the makeup range though, and most unfortunately, it won’t be brought into Singapore. Sigh pie.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (19)so many purdee colours!

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (21)Some supplements / food stuff that might be brought in though – again, I so did not know that Fancl even has rice. Zomg.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (22)Behold a series of misfortunate photo-bombings by passers-by. First be the lady who’s like “why is this crazy girl taking a photo with the giant bottle?”, followed by the kid whose pants seem to be falling, and the last of me going “omergawd when can I get a decent photo?” muaahaha.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (23)And yassss we haz a proper photo with Fancl’s star product, the Tense Up collagen drink!

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (24)And finally, the last store for the day

FANCL Nan Fung Place, Sheung Wan, Shop G4, G/F, Nan Fung Place, Sheung Wan

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (25)

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (26)Unlike the previous few stores, this store has very nice natural lighting 😀

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (27)My current favourite product from the brand – their washing powder.

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (28)See what I meant about good lighting in the store? (yes, this is the store! I know it looks like some chi-chi cafe).

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (29)And a group shot for memories’ sake 😀 I’ll be reviewing their products soon, so stay tuned!

Fancl Hong Kong Day2 (30)


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