Review / Swatches: Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color – all 8 shades

‘Supppppp everybardy!~ How was your long Easter weekend? I am indeed rejuvenated and refreshed after much sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping. Heh. I also put a lot of that accumulated energy to good use by taking manyyyy photos for my blog, so here’s the first of the lot – swatches of all 8 shades of Tom Ford’s Patent Finish Lip Color πŸ˜€

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (10)Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color – S$72 each

available in 8 shades

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lips InstagramMy instagram shot πŸ˜€

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (1)

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (2)

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (3)The applicator tip before first usage – it’s so white, soft and fluffeh I could dieeeee.

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (4)

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (5)

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (6)

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (7)To be honest, the tips (once they’ve been used) all look almost similar.


Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (8)Hello, rainbow of pretty lip colours πŸ˜€

  • 1 Red Corset: Deep berry red
  • 2 Exposed: Deep fuchsia pink-red
  • 3 Ravageur: Red with a hint of brown
  • 4 Infamy: Fuchsia pink
  • 5 Stolen Cherry: Red with a touch of orange undertones
  • 6 No Vacancy: Bright chilli red
  • 7 Erotic: Hot pink
  • 8 Orchid Fatale: Deep berry plum

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color (9)

I say…

The Packaging: A 12.5cm-long, sleek tube with a click-bottom to dispense the lip product. It’s a glossy finish so it’s sexy, and yet a total fingerprint magnet. I find that the click-bottom can be a tad temperamental – sometimes it takes just a couple of clicks to get the product out, and sometimes I’d be clicking away like I’m a Morse Code typist and nothing comes out until suddenly -BAM HELLO RED SEA OF LIP PRODUCT-. (which is pretty much what happened in the photos above). That aside, the fluffeh tip allows for relatively precise application along the outline of the lips as well as the Cupid’s Bow.

The Scent: A very, very slightly whiff of fragrance but nothing that’s very obvious.

The Texture: It’s rather thick and viscous, and while it glides relatively smoothly onto the lips, there is some slight drag. When you smack your lips together, it does feel slightly sticky as well. It can help cover up dry and chapped lips, giving it, as its name says, a patent high gloss finish. In terms of hydration, I wouldn’t say that this is the most hydrating lip product out there, but it does provide a certain level of moisture (only cos the texture is quite thick and helps retain moisture in the lips).

The Verdict: This has got to the be one of the most pigmented lip glossΒ  products I’ve ever seen – this is legit melted lipstick pigmentation. The colour is crazily, amayzingly intense even with just one coat, and it stays on, and on, even after staining your drinking cup, cutlery, etc. Even after wearing off, it stains/tints the lips and you’ll be having bright pink cherry lips for many hours after. In fact, the reason why I took just one photo with the product on my lips is cos it was close to impossibru to remove the tint, and the thought of spending 7 more days (1 shade per day) is a little too tiring on my old, beaten and battered laocharboh (read: old bag) body. Heh. This is a rather pricey product at $72, and most (myself included) may balk at this price. However, look at it this way –Β  a little goes a very, very long way for this product, and it’s actually perfect for those night events (galas, dinners, clubbing nights) where you don’t want to keep touching up your lip product or worrying about whether the lips be flaking or looking unpretty. Worth a try if you’ve got some extra monies or a favour to call in πŸ˜€


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