Review/Swatches: Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge

I fondly remember the times when I thought my Escentuals Buxom lip gloss was da bomb, with its minty cool feeling, sparkly shimmer and super pale shade of pink that even Hello Kitty would approve of. Thankfully I’ve levelled up my lippie game and now embrace all bright colours with open arms (and accompanying wobbly underarms too).

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge 1Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge colour chartAvailable in 10 shades

Note: I’m slightly confused cos the above photo I pulled off the internet shows Shade 4 as being pinkish, but the one I got says shade 4 on the box but is slightly orangey-coral. :/

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge 2a

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge 4

Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge 5

Innisfree real Fluid rouge 8

Innisfree real Fluid rouge 7Before and after, wearing shade 8 (note that it’s not as vibrant as in their colour chart) 😀

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I say…

The Packaging: A rounded tube measuring about 9cm tall (cap included). It twists open to reveal the attached sponge applicator. Nothing fancy with this tried-and-tested packaging.

The Scent: It has a refreshing zesty grapefruit-citrusy scent. Me likey. Too bad it doesn’t taste of grapefruit (or taste of anything for that matter. The Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge had this super yummy sweet taste that I love).

The Texture: It glides on smoothly. It isn’t too sticky but there is a certain level of hydration/gloss that allows you to slide your upper and lower lips together and smack them togetherly too. Now the colours seem rather bright and vibrant when swatched against the back of the hand, but somehow, when combined together with the natural colour of my lips, it seems to neutralise out into a slightly less vibrant, but perhaps some might say, more wearable daily colour.

The Verdict: It fills up the fine lines of the lips and helps give it a more plumped-up look. It doesn’t really stay on the lips (hello, stained cups and cutlery), but the good thing is that it somehow leaves the lips feeling more hydrated after it wears off. There were no signs of the usual chapped and flakey lips I’d experience with certain matte-finish products. The lighter shades leave a faint rosy tint, while the richer, more vibrant reds leave a distinctly pink tint. Overall, I’d say this is suitable for weekend usage, or perhaps for swiping on when you’ve got a sudden last-minute meeting/gathering and have no time to do some lip flake management beforehand.




3 thoughts on “Review/Swatches: Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge

  1. How do you look after your digital perm and how long does it last for? I’ve always wanted to get one, but I’m worried that it’ll fade out pretty quickly!

    • Hey Jessica,

      The last time I permed was in February 2016, and it mostly softened into natural waves over the course of a year. I found that whenever I went for a trim, it would lighten the weight and then the curls would bounce up a bit more. I’d say the curls would last for about 6 months, following which your hair will just appear naturally wavy. (I guess if you have time/effort , you can randomly click on my reviews from Feb 2015- Jan 2016 to see how the curls loosened out?) haha. Alternatively you can re-perm them after 6 months, but rem to trim the ends before you perm them again.

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