Review: Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK-1

Time certainly flies – I kid you not. It barely 7 days away from that most dreaded time of the year. Chinese New Year is upon us – run and hide! The relatives are so harsh, I tell you. I may be too lazy to hunt for new clothes, but I’m certainly not slacking off when it comes to putting my best face forward. Here’s something I’m considering using on Day 1 of the CNY.

Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK1 (1)Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK-1

Available from

Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK1 (2)Swirls of 3 colours – white, light pink and medium pink

Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK1 (3)When swatched individually and when combined

Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK1 (6)

Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK1 (4)

Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK1 (5)

I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a compact little pot measuring about 5.5cm in diameter and about 1.5cm in height. It’s a click-open plastic casing that opens with a latch.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: It’s a rather smooth and creamy texture that settles into a semi-velvety powder finish. It doesn’t quite sink into the pores of the skin, which is pretty good.

The Verdict: Because of its combination of colours, it gives a nice natural, semi-glowy and dewy finish (which I’d attribute to the white pearly portion of the blusher). Although its initial pretty appearance is somewhat marred after the first usage, some careful swirling on your part can allow the white portion to be relatively untarnished, which means you can still use the white portion as a highlighter for the nose bridge. What I like about this is its buildability – you’ll be able to slowly build up the colour and never have to fear about getting Pikachu cheeks (unless you’re piling on 20 layers). Even if you’re an amateur at makeup, you’ll be able to blend your way (using your fingers) into a  a natural glowy rosy flush.

Available from: (where they’ve got quite a host of other products too!) 

You can check out their instagram: pinkicon_shop for more information




2 thoughts on “Review: Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks PK-1

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog but I’ve been reading your posts for hours ^^ I was wondering if you could do a “Best of” post for some Korean beauty brands? I’m visiting Seoul in the summer and I was overwhelmed by all the choices you have…sorry if you’ve already done a similar post and keep up the amazing posts 🙂

    • Hello! thanks for popping by my blog 😀 I will try to get around to it but I don’t foresee it happening any time in the next few weeks only because I’ve got a hugeeee backload of products to review (as well as my other freelance writing gigs). But I’m totally taking in your ideas – will try my very best! xoxo

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