HerWorldPlus Social Media Awards – Vote for me and win $300 worth of spa goodies!


Yes yes I know I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet the last two weeks – I’ve been busy enjoying the festive period like all of you heh – eating, drinking, meeting up with friends, and indulging in the occasional drink.

Anyhoos, here’s something that’ll get you guys off to a good start this year – you could win for yourself $300 worth of spa goodies by just voting for me (yes yes, I know, it’s another thang that i’ve been nominated/joined). But the good news is that this time, you won’t have to use your Facebook account to vote! Simply visit the voting page, fill up your deets and you’ll be done in 1 minute (I swear!)


Herworldplus social media awards combined Herworldplus social media awards how to vote

And after you fill in your name and contact details, you’re done! I’m not canvassing very actively this time round because I’m not sure if you guys are still feeling up to the voting, but hey, if you’ve got a minute to spare, please do send some love my way! xoxo

(psst: If you’re not a local reader, enter your mobile number in the following way: 8xxx xxxx or 9xxx xxxx – eight digits starting with either 8 or 9. As long as your email address is valid, it should be all good 🙂 )

Voting ends 15 January 2016 and you can vote more than once. Heh. Help a sister beauty junkie out, won’t you? ❤



4 thoughts on “HerWorldPlus Social Media Awards – Vote for me and win $300 worth of spa goodies!

    • hmmm.. Perhaps you can try inputting an 8-digit number (that’s Singapore’s mobile number format) that starts with either an 8 or 9 i.e. 8xxx xxxx or 9xxx xxxx – As long as you have a valid email address I’m sure it’ll pass as a legit vote 😀 And thank you!!

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