Review: VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick

Finally! The weather is taking a change for the better – it’s all moist and wet, and yes, I know there’s the daily flash flooding, but I’d so take this over sweltering heat or the haze any day. Dryness isn’t my favourite in terms of climate, and thus, in line with the whole wet theme, I present to you today’s product for review – somethang that’ll allow you to simulate the illusion of moisture and dewiness on the skin 😀

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick (1)

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick instructions VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick poster

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick (2)

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick (3)

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick (4)

VDL Lumilayer All Over Stick (5)

I say…

The Packaging: It’s sort of an enlarged lipstick – with a click-on cap, twist-up bullet and a long angular tubed body. It’s simple, fuss-free (enables hands-free application) and idiot-proof.

The Scent: Nil.

The Texture: Now if this were a lipstick, it’d be one of the hydrating and moisturising sheer types. It literally glides onto your skin smoothly and you can feel the high levels of moisture in the product. It doesn’t drag on the skin at all.

The Application: The colour itself is a subtle pearly sheen that is buildable. One layer gives a very, very barely-there sheen while multiple layers can build into those dewy looks you see on Kpop stars at award shows. One thing to note though – it isn’t OTT with the shine. As you can see from my photos above, it looks like a light reflective glow rather than sparkly/shimmery shine.

The Verdict: I’m generally more used to powder-type highlighters, and more recently, cushion-type highlighter, but this is the first time I’m using a stick-type highlighter. It’s easy to apply, blendable with the fingertips, and doesn’t mess up your existing foundation/bb cream if you pat it on gently. It can give a more dewy look than powder-type highlighters though, so apply in moderation if you don’t want to look too shiny/moist. I’d recommend this for those with drier skin types or if you’re heading to a country with a drier climate. Yes, those with combi-oily skintypes like me can also use it, but after several hours, I find the glow of the highlighter blending slightly with the oil that’s been secreted by the face hurhurhur. Overall, a decent highlighter that does its job well and is good for those who want to recreate a subtle glow.


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