Review: Moon Shot Cream Paint / Moonshot Cream Paint

I know that metrosexuals these days are way more common than say, 10 years ago, but some (very straight) guy friends of mine still get slightly confused whenever I say that I’m gonna be “face painting” or  “bringing the face paint” – I’ve had them taking it literally and telling me “what are you gonna paint? A butterfly? A tiger?”.  muahahaha. Anyhoos, I now announce that I can, literally, paint my face with this aptly-named product from Moonshot, which has finally hit our shores!


Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (1)Moonshot Cream Paint – S$36


Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (2)In shade 804 Dragon Fruit (which is a bright, vibrant coral colour)


Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (3)

Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (4)

Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (5)

Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (6)

Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (7)

Moon Shot Cream Paint Dragonfruit (8)

I say…

The Packaging: It comes in an angular little tube that measures about 7cm tall and 2cm across – pretty convenient for carrying around. The screw-on cap is attached to a slightly curved applicator that’s rather soft and smooth (but to be honest, the texture/material of this applicator doesn’t make a difference – I’ll get to the reason later).

The Scent: There’s a very faint powdery scent that’s not really noticeable unless you bring the product up to your nostrils and sniff it.

The Texture: It’s a very thick and creamy product – in fact, whenever you pull out the applicator/push it back in, there’s a rather loud gloopy sound. It is fine and there are no granules in the cream though.

The Application: Herein lies the reason why the texture of the applicator makes absolutely no difference to me – the colour is ridiculously, jaw-droppingly, amayzingly intense and vibrant. You literally just need one drop (and I kid you not) about 2-3mm in diameter and it’ll be enough to get a nice colour payoff. I find myself having better control over the product when I use either a lip brush or fingers to apply (for both the lips and cheeks). Using the applicator works as well, especially when you want to have a rich, bright lip. The downside is that the applicator is rather fat, and can give you some trouble when applying at areas such as the corner of the lips and the Cupid’s Bow. In addition, because of the rich and thick texture of the cream, there can be stray tendrils of product dangling from the applicator (aka a gloopy mess) that might accidentally stray onto other parts of your face and leave red streaks. Now I’m not sure if it’s because of the shade I have (which is a bright coral colour), or if this intensity is the same across all shades of this range.

The Verdict: This is the epitome of a little goes a long way – Just a tiny little droplet can give you a natural rosy lip and cheek, and if you’re heading out to paint the town red, a full application for this will suffice, as it’ll give you a rich, creamy, slightly glossy finish. It leaves a tint on the skin for quite some time (as shown on my hands in this For Beloved One review), and works well for both the lips and cheek. At $36, it may come across as slightly pricey at first glance, especially if you take into considering its rather petite size. However, once you find out that you’ll really need very little to get the colour payoff you want, you’ll realise that this little product will last for a very, very long time and is considerably worth its price. Available now at Sephora.



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