Review / Swatches: Sneak preview of MAC Huggable Glass in 12 shades!

Good morning everybardy~! How was your weekend? Most unfortunately for me, I was down with a debilitating migraine for some unknown reason – perhaps it’s the insanity of the last few weeks catching up with me, or perhaps it’s just (as my bro says it) – signs of old age. Whatever the reason is, I still managed to snap some shots of these new releases from MAC before concussing into a jumbled heap on the bed. 😀 I’ve tried to arrange them according to colour groups as best as I could.

MAC Huggable Glass instagram

MAC Huggable Glass (10)

MAC Huggable Glass (1)

MAC Huggable Glass (2)

MAC Huggable Glass (3)

MAC Huggable Glass (4)

MAC Huggable Glass (5)

MAC Huggable Glass (6)

MAC Huggable Glass (8)

MAC Huggable Glass (9)

Trying out a rich colour and a light colour to show you the coverage

MAC Huggable Glass (7)

I say…

The Packaging: A clear plastic tube measuring 8.5cm including the gunmetal-coloured screw-on cap that’s attached to a sponge applicator that’s soft and slightly pliable (but not curved).

The Scent: A very mild scent that’s quite distinctive of MAC products.

The Texture: It’s not as sticky as the standard range of Lipglass products – I find this slightly more liquid (without being overly watery), and smooth enough for me to glide/smack my lips together. There’s a moderate level of shine, so I’d classify this more as a glossy (instead of matte) product.

The Verdict: Now the Huggable range of lipsticks were brought back earlier on this year (in 10 shades), and this is what I assume to be the extension of the product range (psst: I’ll  be uploaded a post with the Huggable Lipsticks in 15 shades soon!). I’d actually call these Glass products a lip lacquer. The Huggable Glass products have a stronger colour intensity than the usual Lipglass products (especially if you’re using the richer colours), and are thankfully less sticky and more hydrating. The lighter shades may not be able to cover your natural lip colour, but the darker/richer shades are surprisingly intense enough. They don’t leave a tint after fading, but thankfully, they also don’t dry up the lips nor settle into the fine lines. The Huggable Glass products aren’t spectacularly wow in any sense since some other lip lacquer products have ridiculously intense colours that rival that of a lipstick. However, I daresay they’re a step up from the Lipglass since these have more colour – I’d say they can be used for weekends out, when a lipstick is too much but a gloss doesn’t give you the colour payoff you’re looking for.



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