Review: DrGL Sun Protection Mist

Let’s face it – everyone is guilty of judging a beauty product by its facade and packaging yes yes? I’m totally guilty of doing so – which could possibly explain why I took so long to get to trying this product out. Compared with the glossy golds of YSL and sexy blacks of Chanel, this doesn’t quite stand out – I’m ashamed of my superficial beauty junkie side. Thankfully, my curious cat of a beauty junkie prevailed.

DrGL Sun Protection Mist (1)DrGL Sun Protection Mist

DrGL Sun Protection Mist (2)

DrGL Sun Protection Mist (3)

DrGL Sun Protection Mist (4)

DrGL Sun Protection Mist (5)

I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a rather plain dark green metal spritz can with a plastic cap. It is rather small in size cos it fits into the palm of the hand (and consequently, into a handbag for convenient reapplication).

The Scent: There’s s very faint fragrant scent that’s not too overpowering.

The Texture/Application: It spritzes on in a very very fine mist, so the usual white tinge that I’m accustomed to seeing in sunblock products is barely noticeable. I just close my eyes and spray it liberally over the entire face and it settles into the skin with a nice matte finish. It doesn’t feel sticky – in fact, it makes my skin feel velvety smooth. Ooh.

The Verdict: I’m very pleasantly surprised by this – it applies easily and rather evenly without much of a need for blending (cos of the fine mist texture), and makes for a rather good makeup base. It also goes onto the body without a greasy or sticky afterfeel, so it is really convenient for top to toe sun protection- plus, its a spray-on that doesn’t leave too much of a whitish tinge. The one downside is that it doesn’t have a high sun protection factor at 29, so I find myself subconsciously reapplying it more often than usual to make up for the missing 21 (I’m a SPF50 kinda girl). Overall, a pretty decent sunblock product to have for days when you’re not out for too long or under scorching sun.



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