Beauty News: Christmas 2015 at Sephora – Soap & Glory, Burt’s Bees

Since I’m not much in a mood to do any reviews recently, I’ve decided to just keep piling on the Christmas offerings so that you can also prepare your shopping lists 😀


Soap & Glory Winter Wonderhand, $21 (1) - resizedSoap & Glory Winter Wonderhand, $21

Top-selling HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream in three addictive fragrances – freshly-squeezed-sweet-lime SUGAR CRUSH™, rose-and-bergamot ORIGINAL PINK™, plus almond -and-sweet-vanilla SMOOTHIE STAR™.

Soap & Glory Bright & Bubbly, $34 - resizedSoap & Glory Bright & Bubbly, $34

A (hat) box of ORIGINAL PINK ™-scented mini delights.

  • Crowd-pleasing THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ Body Butter.
  • Award-winning HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream.
  • Cult-classic CLEAN ON ME™ Shower Gel .
  • Perennially popular THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Body Buffer

Soap & Glory In The Bag, $50 - resizedSoap & Glory In The Bag, $50

The stuff CLEANS are made of! Features six mini-sized cult classics.

  • CLEAN ON ME™ Moisture Shower Gel
  • HEEL GENIUS™ Foot Cream
  • HAND FOOD™ Hand Cream,
  • THE SC RUB OF YOUR LIFE™ Body Buffer,
  • GLAD HAIR DAY ™ Shampoo.
  • Plus, a super-smoothing BODY POLISHER – all in a cute toiletry bag.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, $16 - resizedSoap & Glory The Righteous Butter, $16

Our non-stop-award-winning icon is formulated with shea butter and aloe vera for velvety soft skin.

Soap & Glory Three Times Butter, $21 - resizedSoap & Glory Three Times Butter, $21

A trio of must-have , travel-sized body butters: our best-selling THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™, our addictive SMOOTHIE STAR ™ Body Buttercream, and our mouthwatering SUGAR CRUSH™ Body Buttercream.


Burt's Bees Classics In Your Purse, $22 - resizedBurt’s Bees Classics In Your Purse, $22

Burt's Bees Give Me Sunflower, $17 - resizedBurt’s Bees Give Me Sunflower, $17

Burt's Bees Honey Spa, $54 - resizedBurt’s Bees Honey Spa, $54

Burt's Bees Individual Lip Balms, $9 each - resizedBurt’s Bees Individual Lip Balms, $9 each

Burt's Bees Outdoor Adventures, $24 - resizedBurt’s Bees Outdoor Adventures, $24

Burt's Bees Pomegranate Temptation, $50 - resizedBurt’s Bees Pomegranate Temptation, $50

Available from 1 November at Sephora


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