Beauty News: Laneige Meets Fashion 2015: Laneige x PlayNoMore

Omg omg – I don’t think there’s even a need for words in this blog post, cos all you need are these pictures, and you’ll be screaming “Take mah monehhhhhh!” like me. Heh.

Laneige PlayNoMore Styled visual

Anyhoos, a lil background here – Laneige does an annual collaboration with a Korean fashion brand each year to produce limited edition packaging / products. In 2014, it started with the PushButton series (remember those adorable doggy prints?!).

This year, LANEIGE teams up with PLAYNOMORE, a brand designed by Chae-yeon Kim, whose signature SHYGIRL square tote bag has garnered a large following of K-pop celebrities and models in South Korea since its recent launch in 2014. Incidentally, the brand philosophy of PLAYNOMORE reflects the 2015 brand slogan of LANEIGE, “Unleash the sparkling beauty in you”, highlighting the stunning compatibility between the leader of K-Beauty and the mega-trendy fashion label.

Laneige PlayNoMore Beautifulbuns Instagram (2)(My Instagram photo taken at the launch with the pink bag I now own!)

PlayNoMore’s signature ShyGirl gets a Kbeauty makeover and is now “My Darling, SHYGIRL”. “Her curious but shy eyes transform into an even lovelier and more attractive character that displays the cheerful sensibility of both brands.”

Laneige PlayNoMore Beautifulbuns Instagram (4)(Another of my Instagram photos – as you can see, I’m totally enamoured with this range!)

The Laneige X PlayNoMore collaboration consists of four specially designed Laneige products: Intense Lip Gel, BB Cushion, BB Cushion Pore Control, and Jet Curling Mascara.

Laneige PlayNoMore Beautifulbuns Instagram (1)(From my Instagram: The range in all its glory)

Let the official product porn begin!

Laneige PlayNoMore Whitening BB Cushion

Laneige x PlayNoMore BB Cushion, S$59 each

Available in two variations – Whitening and Pore Control. Note that they have different casings – even more incentive for me to hurl my moneh at themmmm.

Laneige PlayNoMore BB Cushion combined

Only available in shades #13 and #21 (yes yes, I have sent feedback to Laneige that they should really bring this in in all their shades)


Laneige PlayNoMore Jet Curling MascaraLaneige Jet Curling Mascara, S$34

A high-performance mascara designed to keep Asian women’s short, limp eyelashes curled up for hours.

The Jet Curling Mascara has two amazing features:

Water ZERO: an air gel formula that delivers faster fitting power to the lashes, smoother application and more intense colour

3D Jelly Rubber Brush: a flexible material with an ergonomic tail comb that can be used vertically or horizontally to create different lash effects.

Available in Black.




And of course, the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop, the cherry on the proverbial pudding that is this collection – Laneige’s new Intense Lip Gel. -cue big heart googly eyes and uncontrollable twitching-

Laneige PlayNoMore Intense Lip Gel groupLaneige Intense Lip Gel, S$36 each

Laneige PlayNoMore Intense Lip Gel group on lips

Okay, there is no way, absolutely no way you can say no to these. My urge to hurl my moneh at Laneige just to get all 10 shades is as strong as my urge to throw my panties at Adam Levine.

Laneige PlayNoMore Intense Lip Gel solo productA must-have in every fashionista’s purse is the star product from the LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE collection, LANEIGE Intense Lip Gel. Staying ahead of the latest lip trend known as Hybrid Lip, the Intense Lip Gel combines the very best qualities of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms – rich colours, great moisturising benefits, long-lasting, and high gloss minus the stickiness. It features a double-layer gel-forming technology called Oil Floating Tech, which effectively separates the colour (Hydro Chroma colour + Water Polymer) and the gloss (oil) for incredibly glossy lips with long-lasting vivid colour payoff. The Intense Lip Gel also boasts Oil-Water Double Moisturizing, which keeps the lips moisturised as if you had just applied a super-hydrating lip balm! Following the launch of LANEIGE X PLAYNOMORE collection, the Intense Lip Gel will be continued as a regular item.

Laneige PlayNoMore Intense Lip Gel group 2Available in 10 colours: Rosy Nude, Melting Pink, Coral Breeze, Custard Coral, Coral Souffle, Jelly Pink Bean, Syrup Pink, Maple Red, Loyal Red, and Squeeze Plum. (Psst: My review and swatches of ALL 10 shades of the Intense Lip Gel will be up soon!)


Laneige PlayNoMore Beautifulbuns Instagram (3)All products are now available at all Laneige stores islandwide 🙂 Go get ’em nao!


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