Review/Swatches: MAC Vamplify Lipgloss – all 17 shades!

Woo! In case you haven’t heard, Singapore is moving into its first phases of the General Election 2015 – it’s gonna be a really, really colourful 10 days ahead. In light of that, here’s my beauty twist on colours – swatches of all 17 shades of MAC’s new Vamplify lipglosses.

Now this new range of lip gloss is said to be “loaded with high-powered pigments that hug lips in shades that glisten with a delicious shine. One swipe loads your lips with attitude using a combination of lush natural oils polish with moisturising colour. The glossy colours wear comfortably for hours without letting go.”

Right-o. Tonnes of words, TLDR? Just check out my swatches then, to decide which of these you’d like to get 😀 Note that I have swatched them in such a way that looks like a gradient, so that you can see what multiple coats and 1 coat look like. Cos I love all you guys for all the blog love you’ve given me through the years – smoochies coochies –

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss featured model

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss featured

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss – SGD$36 each, available from 4 September onwards.

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss collection

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (1)L-R: Anything But Demure, Hyper Fabulous, Tuned In, Spanking Haute


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (2)

  • Anything But Demure: Mauvey nude
  • Hyper-Fabulous: Mauvey brown
  • Tuned In: Mid-tone rosy nude
  • Spanking Haute: Pinky nude


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (3)L-R: Speed Up, Little Miss Mischief, A For Attitude, What’s Going On


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (4)

  • Speed Up: Bubblegum pink
  • Little Miss Mischief: Bright warm pink
  • A For Attitude: Hot pink
  • What’s Going On: Hot intense fushcia


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (5)L-R: Everybody’s Talking, Flash Drive, Push Some Buttons


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (6)

  • Everybody’s Talking: Intense coral
  • Flash Drive: Intense coral-red
  • Push Some Buttons: Intense orange-red

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (7)L-R: Tease don’t touch, Suggestive, Peer Pressure, Modern Drama

MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (8)

  • Tease don’t touch: Intense true-red
  • Suggestive: Intense blue-red
  • Peer Pressure: Intense  red-burgundy
  • Modern Drama: Dark plum


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (9)L-R: She-Rebel, How Chic Is This?


MAC Vamplify Lipgloss (10)

  • She-Rebel: Dark blue-purple
  • How Chic Is This?: Violet-purple

First impressions: Really, really strong colour pigments that are comparable to that of a lipstick. Strong gloss and shine. Slightly sticker than a lipstick (which is inevitable). Will update again once I take it out for a longer field test. Stay tuned! 🙂


MAC Vamplify enlarged featuredMy post on Instagram 😀



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