Beauty News: Origins launches the Original Skin Serum & Mask

Origins Original new launch

If you’re having a quarter life crisis (which I’m guessing to be about 21-25), Origins has just launched two products to help address your skin’s issues.

  1. Original skin™ Retexturizing Mask: Instantly detoxifies pores and refines skin to perfect texture and enhance inner glow
  2. Original Skin™ Renewal Serum: Formulated to address Millennial skin concerns

Here’s Origins’ rationale behind these new products:

When life transitions, so does our skin. Lifestyle plays a part in the overall quality of our skin, but proactive skin care is important to maintain skin health at a younger age. New research highlights that during our 20s biological and physiological changes occurring under skin’s surface can compromise skin health. Pores become enlarged and more visible, skin tone becomes uneven and age spots start to appear, leaving our skin less radiant. What we are experiencing are quarter-life skin concerns, which are less visible and intrusive than teenage acne and midlife lines and wrinkles, but are just as impactful on our skin.


Origins ORIGINAL SKIN MASKThe “no makeup” look coupled with dewy, glowing skin are the most coveted beauty looks this season. But, this naturally perfected look calls for a canvas of healthy skin. Origins new Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay helps achieve the seemingly impossible flawless selfie. More than a mask, this innovative two-in-one formula not only functions as a deep cleaning mask it also exfoliates and refines.

Life stressors and external aggressors take a toll on skin, leaving pores clogged and enlarged and making skin dull, rough and uneven. This innovative two-phase multi-tasker, helps skin look refreshed and flawless by detoxifying pores and smoothing skin’s texture. The result is glowing skin that is instantly boosted.

Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay (100ml) will be retailing at $50.00 and will be available at all Origins Counters beginning 1st August, 2015.



Original Skin Renewal Serum with WillowherbOrigins has created a high-performance solution, Original Skin™ Renewal Serum with Willowherb, to specifically target quarter-life skin concerns – rough texture, enlarged pores, stressed skin, flaws and loss of radiance – in one product driven by two key factors.

  • Intrinsic = Cell turnover. Cell renewal is vital for skin vibrancy which is a prominent sign of youth. As we get older, cell turnover slows down and degrades our original skin. When cell turnover is increased, fresh plump cells are brought to skin’s surface boosting skin’s ability to reflect light and increase translucency.
  • Extrinsic = Carbonylation. Pollution and smoking are external stressors that trigger an increase in carbonylation, a protein change in skin’s surface. Carbonylation negatively influences skin tone and vibrancy making it appear more opaque, yellower, dull and less radiant.

Developed with an innovative blend of ingredients from nature with immediate and long-term benefits, Original Skin™ addresses quarter-life skin concerns by refining texture, enhancing radiance and glow, shrinking pores, blurring imperfections and restoring overall quality for
glowing and smooth skin.

Original Skin™ Renewal Serum with Willowherb (30ml) will be retailing at $78.00 and will be available at all Origins Counters beginning 1st August, 2015.

Origins is available at the following locations:

  • Robinsons Raffles City
  • Robinsons The Heeren
  • Robinsons Jem
  • BHG
  • Metro Paragon
  • Tangs Orchard
  • Isetan Scotts



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