Review: Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner (new shades!) + swatches

As you may have noticed, I’ve recently gone on a spate of Beauty News instead of my usual reviews, and it’s only because I’ve been sick outta my mind for the past 7 days – damn you viral fever, tonsillitis, and body aches. I was pretty much a zombie in my lil girl beauty cave, wandering from corner to corner with my arms outstretched (in case I smack myself into the walls hurhurhur). Anyhoos, now that I’m on my second course of antibiotics, I’m feeling slightly better – well, good enough to do up this short lil review/swatch fest 🙂

Clio Gelpress Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner1Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner

clio gelpresso smoulder liners

New shades to rock that dark smexy eyes 😀


Clio Gelpress Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner2

Clio Gelpress Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner3

1 Beige Shine is perfect for creating Aegyo-sal, while the rest are great for upper eyelining – these are new shades launched.

I say…

The Packaging: Now I have to admit that I’ve been fooled before – instead of twisting the auto-twist mechanism at the bottom, I’ve gone and stuck the tip into a pencil sharpener instead hahahhaha. Ok, loserisms aside, this is a slim pencil-shaped gel liner that can be extended via the bottom, and also comes with an inbuilt-sharpener at the bottom.

The Application: It applies on very smoothly, and doesn’t pull on the skin. The colour is pretty intense as well, requiring only 2-3 coats just to get a strong payoff. Surprisingly, it takes less than 15 seconds to set – I tried smudging it on the back of my hand, but it wouldn’t budge! Amayzing~! That said, if you’re looking to do the latest Korean eyeliner style, be sure to immediately try to smudge it out upon application.

The Verdict: Most importantly – the smudge level is low – note: I’m not saying it doesn’t  smudge; I’m just saying that it smudges significantly less than the rest of my gel liners, which usually do a disappearing act within 2-3 hours, and my eye line becomes an eye slime. BUT this one actually lasted from 5am~2pm. Woah. There was some  smudging (about 20-25% gone) and the colour intensity faded slightly, but there was still a discernible line. Happiness! It does smudge slightly when I apply it on my lower lashline. That aside, I’m actually pretty excited that I’ve finally found a gel liner that has minimal smudging – Ga in smokey eyes and Hyuna slutty eyes, here I come!



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