Review: Panasonic Warming Facial & Body Roller EH-SP32

From time to time, I thank the creator (whichever religion you believe in) for blessing me with the ability of language; I can never split a dinner bill with the girls without pulling out the calculator (and that utterly confused face), but I can bang out articles just like that. As you can tell from the sudden influx of Panasonic-related reviews such as the Facial Cool Putter, it’s the deadline for my blog entry submissions for this year’s Best Beauty Blog hurhurhur. And yes, it’s due tonight! (damn you, inner procrastinating self.)

Anyhoos, these are good things that are meant to be shared anyway – I may be writing about them because it’s a compulsory requirement, but that doesn’t mean that my opinions are skewed or biased. I started this blog based on integrity, good writing and unbiased opinions, and I am not gonna start diverting from my usual principles just for an award 😀

Plus, I think it’s fate – I’m having the worst ever backaches and body aches today from my fever (and no, it’s not MERS), so this really came in helpful in turning the ughs to the oohs.

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (1)Panasonic Warming Facial & Body Roller EH-SP32 – SGD$189

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (2)


panasonic warming facial and body roller

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (3)

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (4)

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (5)

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (6)

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (7)

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (8)Yes yes, I know, the shape is somewhat all-too-familiar. All phallic jokes and puns aside, the two rounded portions are meant to gently nip and squeeze your skin.

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (9)Operating instructions: The on-off switch is at the bottom…


Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (10)Click it once and you’ll get the LO setting, which is supposed to be a 44 degrees celsius (aka slightly warm). I’d call this more suitable for the face region simply cos I prefer not to overheat my face / pores.

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (11)Click it another time and you’ll get HI, which is supposed to be 48 degrees Celsius and has a more discernible heat difference (this is ultimately orgasmic when you have a super achy neck/shoulder).

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (12)

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (13)Changing the heads is really idiot-proof – simply press that little button you see right at my thumb..

Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (14)… gently tug the head, and it pops right off! I’m guessing that because of the electrical points, you’re not supposed to wash the heads (which makes sense unless you wanna electrocute or short-circuit yourself). In addition, I’m guessing washing isn’t ideal because of the material – I know that there are other brands out there in the market with titanium heads (or some alloy materials), but this one is made of plastic, and does sound vaguely plasticky when I’m using it. It comes with a gloss coating.


Panasonic  Warming Facial and Body Roller (15)


The set comes with a Stroking Roller head which I’d recommend for the more delicate areas such as the face itself (vs the Squeezing Roller head for the jawline).

panasonic warming facial and body roller how to


I say…

How To Use It: Well this is pretty much idiot-proof too. All you have to do is plug in the power supply, charge it for a suitable amount of time, and voila, you have cord-less operation! (yay! Facial Cool Putter, why you no allow such cord-less convenience?)

  • Use the Squeezing Roller Head on… jawline, neck/shoulder area, upper arms, waist, thighs/buttocks, calves.
  • Use the Stroking Roller Head on...corners of the mouth upwards towards the ears, cheeks upwards to under the eyes, on the surface of the stomach, décolletage / collarbone.

The Effects of…

  • The Squeezing Roller Head: This is a life-saver for me. Being a rabid K-pop fan, I’m obsessed with achieving that perfect V-shaped jawline (which is really impossible for this takopachi ball reincarnated), but hey, I still try. This helps to gently pinch the jawline, draining the lymphatic system and hopefully reduce water retention and unwanted bloating. What’s more, it does absolute wonders for the my aching neck/shoulders which suffer the endless assault of me hunching over the keyboard banging out articles. Now I know that there are other similar gadgets in the market, but the one plus point about this is its heat – it’s seriously the ultimate “ahhhh” moment when the heated roller heads hit your skin. I find this best for portions with larger amounts of meat i.e. calves, neck, shoulders, upper arms etc.
  • The Stroking Roller Head: To be really honest, this one is a little meh. It’s like a gentle massaging motion that is rather enjoyable, (and even more enjoyable when it’s heated) and that’s about it. It does help wake the skin up (when I’m trying to churn out articles and my face is all gloomy).
  • Beauty Dare! I’d recommend applying your usual skincare and then using the Stroking Roller Head to help massage it fully into your skin at night. That said, it is in the instruction manual to not use it with, since the gloss coating of the heads will probably not hold up against your skincare. Be sure to thoroughly wipe the roller heads with a soapy wet towel after every use.

The Verdict: A pretty useful gadget that multi-tasks (I’m a major fan of such things). It essentially covers your body from top to toe – just be sure to clean the heads thoroughly before moving on to the next body part. It’s best for using when you’re watching those dramas or YouTube videos  – well, that’s what I tell myself so that I don’t feel like my time is wasted hurhurhur. I particularly like using it on the waist and thighs cos it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite (note: not banish, just reduce the appearance). In any case, a body massage is perfect to wind down at the end of the day, and let’s face it, I don’t have that many hard-boiled eggs to spare, so I might as well use this 😀

Psst: If you’re interested in getting it, Panasonic is extending a special promotion to my readers (and no, I don’t get commission or anything like that :D) – It’s available now at SGD$159 including delivery and GST. Simply take the following steps:

  1. Email to with subject: “Blog readers’ promo – Panasonic Beauty (”
  2. In the email, indicate product name, model, and quantity of purchase.
  3. Indicate which blog you saw this promo from (blogger’s URL).

Panasonic Singapore will reply to your emails directly with the payment and delivery details. Above promo is valid till 5 July 2015 only, while stocks last. 🙂








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