Review: Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion

The inevitable has happened – I finally see the light at the end of the (BB cushion hoarding/buying) tunnel! I think I’m really running out of BB cushions to buy/review for now, simply cos I’m restricted from going to Korea (damn you MERS). Here’s one of the few remaining BB cushions I’ve got lined up to review 😀 (Psst: Please don’t forget to vote for meeee – I may have a lead for now, but my life motto is never to be complacent and never slack off. Plus, the more you vote, the higher your chances of winning a DVD player from sponsor Panasonic!)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (1)Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion banner park shin hye

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion banner

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion park shin hye2Park Shin Hye’s selfie with the product – she does look gorgeous!


Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (2)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (3)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (4)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (5)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (6)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (7)Using Shade 17 – seems to be a trend these days with a new in-between shade to fill the gap for those who are in between 13 and 21 (Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair Perfecting Cushion Brightening also has 17)


Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (8)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (9)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion (10)

Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion 11Face: Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion. Blush: Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Blusher. Lips: YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil


I say…

The Packaging: The usual – compact case + inbuilt mirror + flip-out tray that functions as a moisture lock as well as a puff sponge holder. It’s about the same size as the usual BB cushions.

Refill Interchangeability: YES with Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion – perfect fit with both fitting into each other’s casings. Will check on the other brands and update later.

The Scent: It has a very mild powdery scent with a slight hint of fruitiness, but only discernible if you’ve got your nose 1cm away from the cushion itself.

The Application: Now this differs from the usual BB cushions again – it’s not as “watery” and “liquid” as the others. It doesn’t glide across the face that smoothly (which I’m guessing is because of its high powder content), so I found that I had to pick up product more times from the cushion than usual. Note that it’s not sticky though – it’s just not as “fluid” as the usual BB cushions.

The Finish: A beautiful lightweight bright and matte finish – that’s right, one of the rare Korean BB cushions to deviate away from the usual dewy-shiny finish and go for a full powdered matte finish instead. I love it!

The Oil Control: Medium – I didn’t have to blot till about 5 hours later, and even then, I used one of those thinner paper sheets (instead of the blue oil films).

The Verdict: Alas – despite the beautiful finish, it oxidised after about 5 hours and clearly showed where my oil production glands are (the corners of the nose, the chin). However, the good thing is that a few dabs with a sheet of tissue is enough to get rid of the ugly splotches, and what remains looks like a natural finish (the makeup doesn’t disappear completely).  (Beauty tip: Instead of touching up and applying more product, I’d highly recommend dabbing with the tissue sheet instead.) That aside, the cheek areas showed absolutely no signs of oxidisation, and since this is where the drier parts of my face are, it’s safe to assume that this cushion is great for those with drier skin types but want a matte finish. Those with oily or combi-oily skin can try applying a mattifying or oil control primer before applying this cushion. Overall, it’s a pretty decent cushion and perfect for those looking for a non-dewy finish! 😀




9 thoughts on “Review: Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion

  1. Hi, Cheryl! Great review! I’m happy that AmorePacific is offering more choices to its consumers as not everyone is a fan/can pull off the dewy look. 🙂 Does Mamonde usually have pinker shades than Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Etude House, etc. in general? I checked some swatches on Naver, and I saw that they do look pink (but I can never really tell since the photos of Korean bloggers usually involve a lot of Photoshop :x).

    P.S. How is the shade A203 of the VDL Metal Cushion working for you? Is it a perfect match to your skin tone? 😀

    P.P.S. I hope you win this year!! *fingers crossed*

    • Hey Dianne,

      I’ve done a slight comparison and they’re actually not as pink as they seem. maybe less yellow if I had to nitpick, but shade 17 gave me a very beautiful fair and bright finish. I’ll have to check on VDL and get back to you (cos i dont have it with me at the mo).

      Omg i hope I win this year too! I can’t go through another year of vote-begging hahaha

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  3. Hi Cheryl ! It is such a great review. Can I ask u one question. In all those cushions you had been used, which one is the best for conbination oily skin or oily skin? The Air Cushion of Iope, Hera, Laneigh, and this one the Mamonde?

    • Hello! I have combi-oil skin, and I find that Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion works best for me when I’m in a humid country like Singapore (a close second place is the Mamonde Cover Powder if your skin isn’t as oily as mine heh). When I’m in other countries that aren’t as humid / have winter dry climates, IOPE Air Cushion XP and Hera UV Mist Cushion work better 🙂

      • Hi Cheryl, I’m planning to travel to korea soon and will probably buy this cushion. Do you know where I could buy it from? Also what foundation shade do you use as reference point for colour matching?

      • hello! You can try Aritaum, or Mamonde stores 🙂 I’m either a 13,17 or 21 (they change their colours up occasionally so it’s best to swatch and test instores for a more accurate match)

  4. Hi great review, great humor, I love your style of writing 🙂 I’m looking for the perfect cushion for me that is as natural and organic as possible, and I would like to ask a teensy favor…can you add the complete ingredient lists of the cushions here so I (and your other readers) can make a full assessment? 😀

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