Beauty News: Introducing SEED x Heroine Make 1-Day UV Contact Lens

– note: this is a reproduction of the press release I received and is for sharing / informational purposes only. Product review to come soon! –
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 Effortlessly Brighter and Mesmerizing Eyes with heroine make 1-Day UV Contact Lens

SEED x Heroine Make launches new circle lens designed to enhance your eyes and complete your look

SEED, Japan’s leading contact lens manufacturer, treated media and special guests to a whimsical afternoon tea party yesterday at Antoinette to unveil the new heroine make 1-Day UV contact lens. SEED collaborated with cult-favourite Japanese makeup brand, Heroine Make, to introduce the new range of cosmetic lens for effortlessly brighter and mesmerizing eyes, under the SEED x Heroine Make brand.

The new heroine make 1-Day UV contact lens is an extension to the SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV range of contact lenses that was launched recently. Designed to blend in seamlessly with the natural eye-colour of Asian consumers, the heroine make 1-Day UV contact lens features an intricate teardrop jewel design for a sparkling, watery-eye effect.

With an inner diameter of 7.0mm and an outer diameter of 13.4mm*, the heroine make 1-Day UV contact lens creates a defined outline to the iris for that finishing touch of instantly brighter and more alluring eyes to perfectly complement your makeup and outfit.

SEED Heroine Make 1 day uv lens poster

“SEED has been supplying contact lens for over 50 years. The new range of SEED cosmetic lenses is the result of our dedicated research into contact lens, which started in Japan as early as 1951. Our line-up of products is designed to meet a broad range of customer needs, and we are committed to continuously introduce new designs and innovations in the contact lens industry,” said Mr Masahiro Urakabe, CEO, SEED Co., Ltd., and Director, SEED Contact Lens Asia Pte Ltd.

“The company is currently concentrating on introducing SEED into new overseas markets, with a central focus on Asia. Meanwhile, in the field of R&D, we are developing new products such as a DDS (Drug Delivery System) in which a drug is administered within a contact lens and released gradually into the eye for medical treatment,” Mr Urakabe explained further.

“We launched the SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV and heroine make 1-Day UV at an opportune time as more consumers are embracing circle lens to enhance their style. The encouraging sales of both products helps to increase SEED’s brand recognition in the market, and further strengthens our position as a key player in the contact lens industry,” said Mr Takaomi Miyagawa, General Manager, SEED Contact Lens Asia Pte. Ltd.

Style, Safety and Comfort with Japanese Quality

The heroine make 1-Day UV joins the SEED Eye Coffret 1-Day UV range that features three different designs: Base make, Natural make and Rich make; and comprises the same unique features to offer you maximum safety and comfort with fresh lenses and clear vision every day:

  • 1-Day Lenses – Fresh pair of lenses every day for clear vision without the hassle of daily maintenance.
  • UV Absorber – Significantly reduced absorption of harmful UV rays.
  • Colouration Mechanism – Concealed colourant within the contact lens base materials, avoids direct contact with the eyes, ensuring safety and comfort.
  • Lens Design – Centre thickness of only 0.05mm makes lenses unbelievably thin and comfortable, and hydrogel lens material makes lenses flexible and minimises contact between the eyelids and the contact lens, thus reducing foreign-body sensation.
  • Non-Ionic Lenses – Non-ionic material of lenses also reduces negative-surface charge, and lowers risk of dirt and protein build-up or contamination.


SEED Heroine Make Lens Before AfterLeft: Before wearing the lens, R: After wearing the lens


Beautifully packaged in a metallic magenta and gold box with delicate floral motifs, SEED x heroine make 1-Day UV is priced at SGD62.00 for a box of 30 lenses.

SEED Heroine Make Lens packaging

SEED contact lenses and the new heroine make 1-Day UV are now available at leading premium optical stores island-wide. For the full list of store locations, visit

For more information on SEED, and heroine make 1-Day UV, visit

*Outer diameter of coloured area

First impressions: I’ve been wearing these for a month or so now, and I absolutely LOVE THEM. There’s the convenience factor and it also helps to enlarge the irises naturally (none of those too-large black pupils). The eyes don’t feel as tired/dry as with the long-term ones, and I can wear them for a maximum of 10-12 hours if needed (even though it isn’t recommended). Defo worth a try!

Cheryl Cab Selfie resizedand this is me with these lenses on! 😀

SEED Heroine Make 1 day uv lens poster2


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