Taobao Scam: Do NOT buy from this seller 时尚衣都坊o – updated 18 June

Now Taobao is such a great shopping online haven cos the prices are so cheap, and I’ve been buying directly from them for such a long time, and never faced a single problem. Alas, good times were not meant to last. I encountered this stinking cheater seller (ID: 时尚衣都坊o  & page link here), who had the audacity to try to con me of RMB286 (approx SGD61). And since I’m never one to take injustice (or scam-bags) lying down, I’m going to go on an almost-Xiaxue rant, with screenshots and all too.

Let’s go by chronological sequence shall we?

tb scammer blue jacket

Isn’t this jacket simply gorgeous?!

Before placing my order, I sent an instant message to the seller asking if it was in stock. I got an affirmative “yes, it’s in stock”. I check his rating – not all positives, kinda like 60% positive and 40% negative. I thought – hey maybe, let’s take a risk. Cos the good ones were really good. He also has one crown.

5 May 2015: I ordered TWO of the same jacket –  M for the girlfriend, and XXL for me (I have no shame in wearing XXL in super downsized puny China-made clothes).

tb scammer refund request 3

11 May 2015: It’s been 5-6 days (during which I sent about 2-3 reminders). Finally the jackets are marked as “dispatched”.

12 May 2015: It reaches the warehouse. By then, everything else I’d ordered had already arrived like eons ago, so I did a consolidated overseas delivery on the same day.

16 May 2015: It reaches me. I am somewhat surprised by the package size (considering I am supposed to have 6-8 dresses/tops and 2 winter/autumn jackets in there). I open up all my packages – somehow by fate, I open the “jacket” package last. This is what I got.


tb scam ugly jacketIt is not the same size. It is not the same colour. It is not the same design. It is not the same quantity. Are you kidding me?!

Of course, I immediately send an instant message to the fellow. He says yes he will send a replacement (see red arrow). The conversation may seem a bit disjointed cos I sometimes messaged using a pc, and those convos are not saved onto the app (the below screenshots show me hustling him to send the replacement).

tb evidence convo

21 May 2015: Anyway, so dude clearly says he has sent a replacement (note, it’s different from sending out “fa huo”). I’ve been waiting for several days, and there’s absolutely no update and no movement.

I lose patience and send in my request for Refund “tui kuan”. And then I realised, “ballocks, what the hell am I gonna do with the ugly shit jacket he sent?!” I then amended my request to Refund/Return Goods. Take your shit jacket back – I was even paranoid that it came with anthrax spores or some crap.

The dude has the audacity to REJECT both my requests, and you know what? With the start of many differing inconsistent reasons.


I requested for Taobao to mediate, and it opens up a “court case” with a taobao “jury” (presumably made up of seasoned / high-ranking taobao buyers or something something).  Both parties (buyer and seller) now have to submit their evidence.

21 May 2015: Case opens and I submit my evidence, which is the photo of the jacket I received.

tb scammer refund request 2

(you gotta read from bottom up)


23 May 2015: He rejects the request (nearing the 2-day time limit. If he hadn’t responded by then, taobao would automatically rule in my favour. It would soon become his modus operando – to respond only nearing the deadline with some half-arsed reason).

Reason 1 for rejecting the Refund/Return Goods request: Exceeded allowed after-sales period (But of course?! It was a clearly calculated move by you to send it out 5 days late because your policy to refund/exchange was 7 days).

On the very same day, I submitted this composite photo.  Apologies for the inconsistent font size and type – I was fuming mad at that point.

tb scammer my evidence 1


Basically what I said what that the seller sent me something that’s completely different in style, material, quantity and that I got rejected for a refund/return goods.

26 May 2015: You know what the idiot refutes with? This.

tb scammer his evidence 1

Uh-huh. Proof of receipt yes I agree. I concur that I received the jacket that I DID NOT ORDER.

26 May 2015: Taobao rules in my favour and requests for after-sales service by the seller (which of course he rejects – why am I not surprised?)

tb scammer refund request 1


Reason 2: Dude claims he sent out the correct jacket. (hey didn’t you say that it exceeded after-sales service period and that you had sent out a replacement?)

26 May 2015 (the same day): I sent again the screenshot which showed that the buyer clearly said he had sent a replacement and questioned his integrity for constantly changing his “tactic”? And then I followed up with a triple whammy.

tb evidence 2

tb scammer my evidence 4

tb scammer my evidence 2

tb scammer my evidence 3

Here’s my accompanying retort: 这是我收到的, 订单还帖在包装上, 说有两件深蓝色的大衣. 包装42cm x 37cm哪有可能挤得进两件大衣?再说还有重量 – 两件大衣哪有可能755gm? 卖家不但很迟发货 还发错货 订了两件深蓝色大衣只收到一件错款式的大衣 追问卖家从发货, 他说已经补了, 什么都没收到 要求退货退款 被拒绝, 理由是时间超过售后服务时限 现在邀请淘宝处理 卖家突然改变了理由说不是他的货. 理由一直变!请评评理

In English, it was essentially me demanding that the seller explain exactly how he managed to squeeze in TWO jackets into the original plastic bag wrapper (thank heavens I did not dump it!). It measured 42cm x 37cm – tell me how you fit it in? And even if you were the vacuum pack king, how do two jackets weigh 755gm? I also demanded to know why he said he had sent a replacement when he hadn’t, and if he had indeed sent the right products, why didn’t he just say he already did so?

By this point, it was no longer about the SGD60. It’s about the principle – YOU are a cheating lying scumbag and I will rather have SingPost earn my money in postage, than to have you LOUSY STINKFACE earn my money.

31 May 2015: (5 days after my reply) You know what dude replies with? He claims that he had sent out the correct two jackets and that this entire thing was all orchestrated by me! And he even said they have absolutely NO idea what “crap” jacket that was that I photographed. YOU JACKASS.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.21.14 pm



After this, he feebly tries to bleat a few pathetic and weak excuses (basically repeating his same bullshit that he sent out the correct items, that I am pulling a scam etc). The Taobao Jury rules in my favour – but of course right? The evidence is so overwhelmingly in my favour DUH. They agree that I should do a Refund/Goods Return, but the system says to do a registered/speedy delivery (which makes sense, cos it might go missing via normal postage).


4 June 2015: I checked it out at the post office, and it was either via EMS (SGD$60 – that’s too damn expensive!) OR registered postage (SGD$22). I chose the latter. Now I’d actually briefly contemplated taking a video of myself packing the product into the bag, (and I did), but I realised that the video would be “split” since I had to travel to the post office and then continue filming from there. The scumbag might actually accuse me of a) packing the wrong product in, b) not sending anything, c) orchestrating my very own Post Office with extra actors pretending to the staff, d) editing the video, and so on and so forth. But I thought, what the hell lah. Too much effort.

So I pack the thang into the packaging, and took photos as proof, and submit it to the Taobao “case file” along with the registered postage tracking number.

tb scam returned package



12 June 2015: As expected, he tried to pull a stunt. SERIOUSLY. He REJECTS the refund YET AGAIN and claims that I “sent back the wrong jacket”. And you know what the best part is? He uploads this model shot that can be stolen off the internet anywhere.

tb scammer refund request 5

tb scammer his evidence 2


I checked this notification at like 6am in the morning (bad move) – I was fuming mad the entire day. I sort of “regretted” not filming the video, but then again, it’s a super duper extreme move just to get a refund.

tb scam returned package posting form combined

I submitted this, along with the photo of proof of receipt, along with this SUPER long ramble in mandarin (which took me SO long to type out).

真的气死我了!分明是一直抵赖,骗了钱还不承认错.如果真的未收到退回的商品,那请卖家举证。不用这种有模特儿的照片 – 把我的原包装和所谓“收到”拍一张照片。再说,根本不合理嘛,我花了新加坡钱$22 (101元).如果真的以卖家说的话,他说是发对货(两件深蓝色的大衣),我没理由花这笔钱!再说,不可能叫我拍动态影像当证据吧!整个过程 (包装,在邮政局排队,等30分钟)拍到来太久!

Translated: I’m fuming mad! This seller is clearly trying to deny all responsibility. If he really did not receive the supposed jacket, then give me some evidence. Take a photo of the supposed jacket with the original packaging – don’t give me a photo with the model. Plus, it doesn’t make any sense for me to spend all these money if he had, indeed as he claimed, sent out the correct items in the first place. I find it ludicrous that it’s so hard to get a refund – taking a video is too extreme!

Right, clearly the douchebag had NOTHING to reply, and it’s now in the hands of Taobao (again), and they advised waiting 4-7 days for an outcome.

18 June 2015: I just happened to log in to check, and this is what I saw. A last-ditch shit attempt by the dickface. Seriously?!

tb scammer seller bullshit

He claims that he didn’t receive anything. OH HELLO, does this not completely differ from your last claim that you had received something that was different from what you’d sent out?!

My angry retort: “Did you claim on 12 June (with that model photo) that you’d received something that wasn’t what you’d sent out? Doesn’t that mean you received the parcel? And now you go back on your word and claim that you didn’t receive anything? I asked you to upload a photo of the supposed item that you received along with the packaging, but there was absolutely nothing. This is absolutely ridiculous and ludicrous – you’re obviously a cheat! From the very start, your excuses and reasons have been inconsistent and changing nonstop!”



I have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be, and it’s no longer about the SGD60 + SGD22 that I spent – it’s about the principle. He will NOT be allowed to con anyone else, and I am writing this post to ensure that none of my readers are conned by him.

I’ve also translated some of his bad reviews found here

tb scammer bad reviews

Take note alrighty everybardy? ~xoxo

HIS ID: 时尚衣都坊o

HIS PAGE LINK is here.

hmph. Don’t get cute with me, boy. YOU WILL GO DOWN.



9 thoughts on “Taobao Scam: Do NOT buy from this seller 时尚衣都坊o – updated 18 June

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    • Precisely! He might actually have thought that since I was an overseas buyer, I would probably suck it up and not kick up such a huge fuss since it’s more tedious/pricey to do a Refund/Goods Return. I still can’t get over how ludicrous his reasons are – he’s clearly just out to scam me and throwing out very lame and crappy reasons. -angry face-

    • Nope unfortunately I did not manage to get my refund.

      I sent my parcel back via Singpost registered postage but the a-hole seller claimed that he never received it. I sent in a query for Singpost to check who signed for it, and they replied saying it would take A MONTH. Eventually Taobao came back to say that since there’s “no proof”and cos it was taking so long, they really didn’t have a choice but to release the money to the seller. This is why I no longer buy stuff directly from Taobao – I use an agent.

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