Beauty News: Innisfree introduces new Volcanic Mousse products

– note: this is a reproduction of the press release I received and is for sharing / informational purposes only. Product review to come soon! –
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Experience complete pore care with innisfree’s New Volcanic Mousse products

Expanded Jeju Volcanic Line features an innovative micro-clay mousse texture that effectively cleanses dirt and absorbs sebum

innisfree Volcanic Mousse Line_Group

Say goodbye to pesky pore problems with the expanded Jeju Volcanic Line. With the addition of three new products to innisfree’s signature, best-selling pore care range, fans of the naturalism brand can delight in the inventive offerings with molecules of the micro-clay mousse smaller than the pores, allowing the formula to target even the most minuscule of pores for effective cleansing.

The award-winning clay mask now comes in revolutionary mousse formulas with innisfree’s Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask and Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask. The difference between the two lies in the concentration of its volcanic clusters included in each formula; where the Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask has twice the amount of volcanic clusters, adept for customers looking for a stronger formula. The inclusion of volcanic clusters in the mousse masks allow them to absorb sebum more effectively, leaving skin supple, clear and smooth to the touch.

In comparison with the original clay masks, both mousse masks boast lighter, airier mousse textures that makes it suitable for all skin types.

innisfree’s also presents an all-new Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser that harnesses the sebum-absorbing power of volcanic clusters, and perfectly complements the former products.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse MaskSuper Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask (100ml), S$29

The Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask contains 6,020mg Super Volcanic ClustersTM that increases overall efficacy of sebum absorption. The micro-clay formula features particles smaller than facial pores and glides over skin easily, penetrating deep into the finest of pores to effectively remove impurities and dirt. The inclusion of AHA, BHA, walnut shell extract and cellulose remove white heads, blackheads and prevent the buildup of dead skin cells to unveil radiant, smooth skin.



Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask [Original]Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask (100ml), S$28

The Jeju Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask contains 3,000mg Jeju Volcanic Clusters that readily absorb excess sebum and deep cleanses pores. With a micro-clay formula that boasts particles smaller than facial pores, the mousse masks provides an effective pore-cleansing effect with penetration into the finest pores. With twice the amount of moisturising ingredient (Hyaluronic Acid) in the mousse mask than in the original clay mask formula, the product is suitable for dry skin type who is in need of moisture pore care.



Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Mousse CleanserJeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser (150ml), S$17

The Jeju Volcanic Mousse Cleanser contains Jeju Volcanic Clusters that readily absorb sebum and removes dirt. A fuss-free cleanser that effectively double cleanses base make-up and sunscreen in a single step, the smooth, bouncy mousse-like texture promises a thorough cleanse for smooth, clear skin.





Available now at all Innisfree outlets

Innisfree Volcanic Mousse InstagramMy Instagram posting featuring these new products (as well as some other mud/earth products such as GlamGlow Tinglexfoliate, Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and a NEW GlamGlow Mud Cleanser)





7 thoughts on “Beauty News: Innisfree introduces new Volcanic Mousse products

  1. Hope you can review the Clay Mousse Mask, my super volcanic pore clay mask tub is ending soon, and I’m still thinking if I should repurchase that or give this new line a try! 🙂

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