Review: MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base

Now I’ve been whining about my crappy lips for a bit – and I’ve always been the sort to take action rather than to be an annoying mouth warrior, so I’ve been hunting around for suitable lip soothers. Besides slathering on Vaseline at night before I sleep, I also liberally slather on lots of lip balm and drink lots of water. Here’s another item that I’ve been lugging around recently so that I can apply it before my lipstick 😀

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base1MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base2

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base3

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base4Applying the famed Shade 52 of YSL’s Pur Couture lippie (which usually has a matte finish)

I say…

The Packaging: It’s a slim, long tube with a click-on cap. The entire packaging is plastic so it’s pretty lightweight.

The Application: Well, this is pretty much a fuss-free product – it applies on smoothly leaving almost no trace / evidence that you’ve applied something there (well, there’s a slight glossy layer that isn’t sticky). Despite the product having a white colour body, it’s transparent and untinted when applied on the lips.

Now what I love about this is that I can now apply matte-finish lippies (over this product) and it won’t look as flakey as it usually does (about 60% Flakey Mess versus 100% Flakey Mess). If you scrutinise the above picture carefully, you’ll also note that it actually amplifies the lip colour by about 10%.

The Verdict: It’s a pretty decent product – it helps soothe, hydrate and moisturise the lips while filling out the lip crevices so that the lipstick colour glides on more smoothly. At times, I also use this as a stand-in lip balm when I can’t find my usual one. The overall finish is a lightweight, barely-there feel and something that even the most picky beauty junkie won’t be able to feel. Great for those with dry flakey lips as well as lipstick maniacs like me 😀 Now since it’s Friday, go on out there and paint the town red (with your lips!)




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