Review: Clarins Body Shaping Cream (2015’s upgraded version)

I consider myself lucky to have been genetically endowed with a generous posterior. In other words, I like big butts and I cannot lie (hurhurhur. I totally couldn’t resist doing that). Yes, I’ve come to that point in life that I’m more or less happy somewhat resigned to my curves and swerves in my big bum. It makes sitting for long periods of time bearable and also gives me much cushioning whenever I trip and fall (which is pretty often).

However, having so much junk in my trunk also means a generous helping of cellulite and stubborn fats. I’ll never have Jessica Alba’s sexy buns, but hey, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Besides going for regular yoga lessons, I slather on some body creams to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, including this new one from Clarins which contains extract of poppy to help up the body shaping power levels 😀

Clarins Body Shaping CreamClarins Body Shaping Cream – SGD$88

Clarins Body Shaping Cream 1

Clarins Body Shaping Cream 2

Clarins Body Shaping Cream 3

Clarins Body Shaping Cream 4

Clarins Body Shaping Cream 5

Clarins Body Shaping Cream 6

I say…

The Packaging: It comes a medium-sized tub measuring about 9.5cm in diameter and 8cm in height (cap included). The cap is a screw-on one and its somewhat matte-frosted finish helps give a slight friction when opening/closing. One plus point of the finish – no fingerprints 😀

The Scent: It’s absolutely heavenly – it’s mostly fragrant (without the typical slimming product scent). It’s a generous waft of scent without being overpowering, and bathes you in its aura for a good 30mins after application.

The Texture/Application: The cream is super lightweight and is so, so easily absorbed into the skin. The after feel is non-sticky and non-greasy; in fact, it’s almost somewhat velvety, and is an absolutely godsend in Singapore’s insane 80% humidity because I can put on my outfit after application without that icky sticky feeling. LOVE.

The Verdict: I do see some slight smoothening out of the bumps in the skin, but note that it’s best you be more disciplined when applying this. The product itself is effective enough (I applied it on the Right Hip and Right Bum for a couple of weeks and noticed a difference in the overall silhouette), but I figured I would have seen better results had I used the massaging techniques as well as applied it every night (don’t judge meeeeee. Some nights I just collapse into bed after shower due to sheer exhaustion. I yam human :D). Overall, it’s kind of a decent product – the after feel is great, the results aren’t too bad and since a little goes a long way (and this can be used for the bum, hips, waist and thighs), it’s a pretty good investment. If you need a more heavy-duty item, I’d suggest the Clarins Lift Minceur Haute Definition 🙂




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