Beauty News: Do your part to save the earth with Innisfree’s Eco-Hankerchief campaign!

– note: this is a pure reproduction of the press release I received and is for sharing / informational purposes only. – 

Embrace the Green Movement with innisfree’s Eco-Handkerchief Campaign!

This June, innisfree reintroduces signature Green Tea products, Long Wear Cushion and Water Glow Cushion in limited edition packaging to celebrate going green

innisfree Eco-Handkerchief Campaign Group Shot

An advocate for naturalism with an eco-conscious philosophy at its core, innisfree propagates its “Use a Hankie, Save the Earth” movement with the global, annual Eco- Handkerchief Campaign this June 2015. As of end 2014, innisfree has distributed 3 million handkerchiefs all over the world. The Korean beauty brand believes in the lasting concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling, resulting in a simple, effective campaign that promotes the usage of a handkerchief over other disposable materials.

As a heartfelt ode to innisfree’s origin, this year’s handkerchiefs span four sprightly designs inspired by the changing seasons of pure Jeju Island. With any purchase above S$30 in the month of June, customers will receive a complimentary Eco-Handkerchief* that allows them to support the cause and step up as an eco-warrior.

Innisfree Eco Hankerchief Picnic

These beautifully designed handkerchiefs boast multiple functions beyond the replacement of tissues. Customers can fashion the hankie into a vibrant, fuss-free hair accessory to hold back unruly tresses, or even wrap it into a handy lunchbox carrier for breezy, outdoor picnics.

Innisfree Eco Hankerchief lunchbox

Official hashtags for this green initiative are: #playhankie and #innisfreesingapore.

2015 Innisfree Green Tea Seed Limited edition_globalIn conjunction with its Eco-Handkerchief Campaign, innisfree also introduces its bestselling The Green Tea Seed Serum (160ml, $48) and The Green Tea Seed Cream (100ml, $46) at double the volume for a limited time only. The visually-arresting floral graphics adorning the bottles are adapted from the Eco- Handkerchief designs, and would make a great addition to any dresser top.

Innisfree Longwear Cushion Package+productThe popular Long Wear Cushion (15gm, $34) and Water Glow Cushion (15gm, $34) also undergo a stunning revamp to showcase vivid blossoms atop of the cushion pacts.

Innisfree Waterglow Cushion Package+product


innisfree’s Eco-Handkerchief Campaign launches in stores islandwide on 1st June 2015.

*Eco-Handkerchiefs will be distributed at random, and are available whilst stocks last.

Find out more about innisfree here: and

Innisfree Eco Hankerchief InstagramMy Instagram shot of these pretties – My personal favourite of the 4 hankies? I can’t decideeeeee.


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