Review: VDL Perfecting Last Foundation

Gooooood Tuesday morning everyone! Well, technically it is the afternoon, but since I feel like I’ve just awoken from 100 years of slumber by the kiss of Sir A-Truckload-Of-Work, I’m just gonna say goooood morning 😀

New week, new energy, and new beauty products to tryyyyy. Here’s one in commemoration of VDL opening its 5th outlet in Singapore – it’s located at Orchard Linkway (on the way from Orchard MRT towards Tangs/Far East Plaza’s direction). VDL has always been very strong in its colour products, so I kinda have high hopes for its foundation – let’s put it to the test!

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (1)VDL Perfecting Last Foundation

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (2)

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (3)

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation coloursI was provided shade A03, which is the “darkest” of the lot, but still sort of fits with my skin. It does have a slightly pinkish undertone though, and makes me look slightlyyyy pinker than I usually do. I think I should be using A02 or V02 instead (for Laneige shade 13). A03 should be suitable for Laneige shade 21.


VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (4)

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (5)A slightly pinkish sheen from shade A03


VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (6)

VDL Perfecting Last Foundation (7)

I say…

The Packaging: The cap clicks firmly into place (not the loose-fitting types) onto a sleek, frosted matte-finish square bottle with a pump dispenser system, and fits comfortably into the palm of your hand.

The Scent: It emanates an awesome fragrance that isn’t too overpowering – enough for you to be swathed in its aroma when you’re applying, but slowly disappears by the time you reach your destination.

The Texture: It’s smoooooth and a good balance of creamy-liquid. It isn’t too runny,  spreads very easily and evenly, and blends into the skin without much massaging/hassle needed.

The Verdict: This is a high-coverage foundation foe days when I’m feeling uggs. The finish is a good balance of glow and matte (about 20% glow to 80% matte), which means you can skip the highlighting if you’re rushing for time, cos there’ll be a natural glow on the areas that matte (i.e. cheekbones, nose bridge). It covers blemishes and dark eye circles easily. The oil control would be a medium level (my oil fields are really unbeatable) – the corners of the nose started getting shiny after about 4-5 hours of wear, so be sure to keep those tissues and blotters handy if you’ve got super excitable sebum glands like I do. It doesn’t oxidise even after 9 hours of wear time, but it does slowly disappear/melt away (which is fine). Because its pigments are slightly more intense, I find that at the end of the day, my cleasing tissue/cotton picks up a lot more foundation (i.e it has a lot more beige colour on it). Make sure that you cleanse properly or do a double cleanse. Otherwise, this is a great foundation for those who need a heavyduty foundation that gives an almost-natural finish.




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