Review: Dior Rouge Dior Brillant 999

Helloooo everybardy! How was your weekend? I was busy busy busy (as those of you who follow me on Instagram should know) – I was busy getting up close and personal with a certain Kbeauty brand that will be making its way to sunny Singapore at a more accessible location soon! (updates to come very soon!). Anyhoos, I’ve come up with a very aunty-ish method of doing airport-glam – I slather on the vaseline and lip balm during the flight, and once I touch down, out come the lippies! Besides the Water Sliding Tint from Aritaum, I found myself gravitating to this during my recent trip 😀

Dior Rouge Dior Brillant (1)Rouge Dior Brillant – SGD$48

Dior Rouge Dior Brillant (2)A little “pool” depression in the sponge application to collect and scoop out the colour

Dior Rouge Dior Brillant (3)In the iconic 999 shade

Dior Rouge Dior Brillant (4)


I say…

The Packaging: A long slim rectangular tube measuring 11.5cm long with cap, with embossed silver details iconic to Dior. Attached to the twist-open cap is the sponge applicator which is really soft and rather pliable (and also non abrasive). What’s interesting is its shape – there’s no classy way to put this, except that it resembles a penne pasta – which is good! There’s a slight depression which acts as a “pool” to scoop the gloss as you pull out the applicator from the tube. It’s also this portion that comes into direct contact with your lips, thus giving a controlled application, vs other normal sponge tips that have colour all around it and could lead to some smudged application.

The Scent: A very faint floral fragrance that’s pleasing but not lingering.

The Texture: It’s lightweight and not as sticky as Make Up For Ever’s new Plexi-Gloss. When applied to the lips, it feels somewhat smooth and allows me to glide the upper and lower lips over each other quite easily.

The Colour Intensity: Granted, it’s not as pigmented as Make Up For Ever’s Plexi-Gloss, but it performs pretty well for a gloss – 1 layer gives a rose-pink shade that’s able to cover my base lip colour. The shine and gloss levels are high – immediately plumped-up lips. 2 or more layers gives you a richer, more vibrant red with a higher shine and juicier-looking lips.

The Verdict: 999 is a classic red that has blue undertones, and sits well with my skintone. Even with several layers on, the product doesn’t feel sticky or gooey, and could possibly hold its own at a night time gala event cos the colour is bright and intense enough. When it fades, I love that it leaves a very, very slight tint on the moisturised lips – it doesn’t sink or sit into the lines of the lips (so I won’t have to feel that self-conscious about having to touch up constantly). Of course, there’s nothing wrong with an occasional re-application – afterall, there’s always the lust factor when you whip it out from your handbag and brandish it like a knight would his new sword hurhurhur. Overall, a lipgloss that actually worth its price tag. For other colour shades, click here.




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