Beauty News: Florabellio, the new eau de toilette from diptyque

– note: this is a pure reproduction of the press release I received and is for sharing / informational purposes only –

Florabellio is an olfactory landscape, a fragment of nostalgia, breaking through the barriers between memories and reality.

florabellio_diptyque1 bottle

A glimpse of nature, a path that leads from the woods to the shore.

In the foreground, invigorating and salty sea spray mingles with the vegetal bitterness of sea fennel.

florabellio_diptyque2 bottle

It then develops around soft and sensual apple blossom on the wings of apricot-scented osmanthus mist.

In the background, like an optical illusion, swirling wafts of roasted coffee with toasted sesame accents, foreign yet familiar.

A floral trail, blurring the perspectives between land and sea, flower and fruit, softness and bitterness… the senses are led toward distant coastlines.


 The 50ml will retail for $144 and the 100ml will retail for $190. Available starting from May 2015 onwards.


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