Adv: Channelling my inner Kpop goddess with Downy Unstopables

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Now you guys know that I’m a frequent visitor of Korea, having visited my self-proclaimed second home more than 10 times – so many that I’ve actually lost count. Heh.

Whenever I’m in Kimchi-land, I make some effort to dress up more nicely than usual aka ditching the glasses, putting on the face paint and donning clothes with a semblance of fashion. After all, when in Kpop-land, do as Kpop stars do hurhurhur.

My luggage has limited space, so what I usually do is to bring separates that can be layered and matched over the 1-2 weeks that I’m there. (helloooo trench coats!) To up the awesome quotient (when I’m in Singapore), I normally spritz on my favourite perfumes, but this doesn’t happen much when I’m overseas, simply cos I have a phobia of breaking whatever perfume I bring along (and therefore don’t bring any). Thankfully, for my next trip, I will be wafting in aural pleasure because of Downy.


Downy Unstoppables 1Downy Unstopables in Ruby Floral and Emerald Breeze – SGD$7.50 each



Imported from the US where it’s currently placed #1, Downy Unstopables is a new global innovation that helps your clothes to have 12 weeks of long-lasting freshness (seriously, is this not a godsend or whut). It comes in two scents – Ruby Floral (in pink) and Emerald Breeze (in blue). As the name suggests, Ruby Floral has a lovely mix of bouquets that isn’t overwhelming while Emerald Breeze is more clean, fresh, and sea breeze type of scent. Rather than have to awkwardly bear with the mothball (or musky cardboard smells) which gets even more pronounced when you’re squeezed back to front with the peak hour crowds at Seoul Station (trust me, I’ve personally experienced this), I’d so rather have this awesome scent wafting from my clothes.

Downy Unstopables 3They come in convenient concaved shaped bottles (kinda like the waistline I wished I had, but don’t), so that it’s easier to get a grip.

Downy Unstopables 4


Downy Unstopables (6)The cap doubles up as a dispensal cup for you to measure out the scent beads.

Downy unstopables 11The scent beads are really cute and eensy weensy weetle half-moon beads that kinda remind me of Dippin’ Dots mini ice creams.



Using it is a breeze – all you have to measure out the appropriate amount of scent beads into the cap, tip them into your laundry (directly), and wash your laundry as per normal together with your detergent & preferred Downy Fabric Enhancer liquid. It really can’t get any easier than this.

downy unstopables how to

Downy Unstopables 9Measure out an appropriate amount of scent beads (based on your washload)


Downy Unstopables (35)Toss them into the wash along with your laundry, and set the wash cycle as per usual! Use it together with your detergent & regular Downy fabric enhancer concentrate to create your unique scents!

For videos on how to use Downy’s Unstopables, click here and here.

downy unstopables 30Your laundry will be smelling (literally) of bouquets of roses for 12 weeks 😀


I can’t pick my personal favourite between the two – Ruby Floral is something I’d love to wear on a daily basis, when I can strut mah stuff like the Kpop goddess I secretly think I am, while Emerald Breeze is great for weekends when I’m up for some fun in the sun (with sunblock on, of course). And you know what? I don’t have to pick between them, cos I can actually experiment and mix them together to get a unique scent that I’d classify as being refreshingly floral 😀

Downy unstopables 10

downy unstopables 16Oh lookie, the Emerald Breeze scent beads match my dress that was bought at Myeongdong Korea. It’s a sign (from the laundry gods?) that I should wash this with Emerald Breeze.

Downy unstopables 18

Downy Unstopables 19


You know what’s the best part of this? That I could possibly emerge from the usual overnight flight that I take, and still smell frigging awesome the moment I step foot into my favourite haunts at Myeongdong, Hongdae, Sinchon and even Gangnam! YAYYYYY. No more feeling self-conscious about exuding stale cabin scent.



For now, you’ll get 20% off at Redmart – simply enter the discount code “Unstopables20” at check-out, and you’ll be spreading some super lovely scents wherever you go! This code is valid from 1 April 2015 to 31 May 2015.



How’d you like to win $1,000 worth of Downy products as well as Robinson’s vouchers? (take a queue number behind me hurhurhur). All you have to be is to be the fastest in piecing the puzzles together, and you could just be shopping your way t0 more gorgeous clothes to scent up with Downy’s Unstopables!

Simply visit the game page on here, and this is what will greet you:

Downy Clozette game page 1


Downy Clozette game 2

Downy Clozette game 3

Downy Clozette game 4

Downy Clozette game 5(okay, by now you should have noticed how many times I tried out the game hurhurhur)

There are more puzzles than these you see though – so may the fastest fingers win! If you’re stuck, click on the little “hint” button at the side (in white), and it’ll show you what the completed puzzle should look like.

Once you complete the puzzle (and are satisfied with your score), submit your details 😀

Downy Clozette game completed

Downy Clozette game details

Now to keep my fingers and toes (or in this case, paws?) crossed that I get to win the big motherload prize 😀

Downy unstopables 22well hello there, you smell bear-y nice 😀


Downy Unstopables is currently #1 in the US and Japan, and can give you up till 12 weeks of scented freshness. Available from Redmart at SGD$7.50 each, in two scents – Ruby Floral and Emerald Breeze.

From 1 April 2015 till 31 May 2015, get 20% off when you enter “Unstopables20” at the checkout.


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