Beauty News: Laneige launches the new Collagen Drink

– Note: This is a pure reproduction of the press information I received and is purely for sharing / informational purposes. –

Laneige Collagen Drink Song Hye Gyo

Collagen makes up 30 percent of total protein in the human body. The major constituent of connective tissues, collagen supports healthy skin, hair and nails, protects the joints and mucus membranes, as well as ensures strong, healthy bones.

Collagen is also needed for supple, elastic skin, as well as the renewal of skin cells. However, the amount of collagen in the body decreases drastically after the age of 25. Collagen also becomes fragmented with age, and its loss is responsible for a whole host of problems such as melasma, hair loss, arthritis, and more.

Constant replenishment of collagen is therefore of utmost importance for all-round health and wellness.

Laneige Collagen Drink Product Combination

Enter LANEIGE Collagen Drink, which has been formulated for easy absorption by the body to help give brighter and more well-hydrated skin.


Made from the collagen of fish

Collagen can come from a variety of sources, including pigs, cows, and fishes. LANEIGE has selected its source from the tilapia fish in LANEIGE Collagen Drink due to its low molecular weight compared to the other sources, which means it is more easily and quickly absorbed by the body. In fact, one bottle of LANEIGE Collagen Drink contains collagen sourced from a whole tilapia fish.

Laneige Collagen Drink ProductLANEIGE Collagen Drink also contains elastin taken from the aortic bulb of bonito, another kind of fish, to help support skin elasticity and improve radiance of the skin. The result? A complexion that’s supple, healthy, and glowing.

Each bottle contains 5,000mg (5g) of collagen peptide – that’s the amount of collagen that is metabolised by the body in a day, and therefore how much that needs to be replenished. Clinical studies have shown that, after eight weeks of consuming one bottle of LANEIGE Collagen Drink a day, subjects had significantly brighter and more well hydrated skin, as well as an improvement in skin roughness.

3-free formula

LANEIGE Collagen Drink is free from artificial colouring, preservatives, and sugar. It also has the lowest amount of calories compared to similar drinks in the market at just 105KJ.


Packed with goodness

Besides fish collagen, LANEIGE Collagen drink contains vitamin C to help stimulate collagen synthesis and brighten skin.Laneige Collagen Drink_Fruits

It also has red orange extract (sourced from an area surrounding the Mount Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy), as well as pomegranate extract. These two ingredients have been chosen for their powerful antioxidative effects, as well as pleasant fruity flavours.

For skin that’s firm and elastic, well-hydrated, luminous and able to better fight off free radicals, be sure to get your daily fix of LANEIGE Collagen Drink.

Price & Availability:  Priced at $52 for 10 bottles, LANEIGE Collagen Drink will be available from 31 March, 2015, exclusively at all LANEIGE boutiques.

LANEIGE boutiques are located at:

  1. ION Orchard – 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-66A S(238801)
  2. Plaza Singapura – 68 Orchard Rd, #03-77 S(238829)
  3. Suntec City – 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-312 S(038983)
  4. JCube – 2 Jurong East Central 1, #01-04 S(609731)
  5. Jurong Point – 1 Jurong West Central 2, #01-59/79/80 S(648886)
  6. Parkway Parade – 80 Marine Parade Road, #01-20 & 21 S(449269)

2 thoughts on “Beauty News: Laneige launches the new Collagen Drink

  1. Got these yesterday. Taste yummy!

    Only 1 request: can we have a bigger opening please? it’s a little difficult to drink due to the design on the small opening (or is it that I have big mouth??HAHAHAHA)

    • Hahaha ok I’ll relay that message on to Laneige for you! I totally get what you mean – what I do is to stick a straw in to drink it. You can also add it to some berry juices and mix it up to drink from a cup 😀

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