Beauty News: For Beloved One launches Vitamin C Plus Series with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

– Note: This is a pure reproduction of the press information I received and is purely for sharing / informational purposes. –

 “Vitamin C Plus Series with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid”
Stable and Safe for Instant Glow
Brigtening and dark spot remedies for crystal clear skin

It is every lady’s dream to have a crystal clear skin. For Beloved One, the number one cosmeceutical brand in Asia, is dedicated to caring for feminine skin. Its mission is to help every woman fulfill her dream of having fair and white skin by relentlessly developing new technologies and ingredients.

For Beloved One VS Plus Series

Building on the positive reception of the “Vitamin C Series” which was launched in 2013, For Beloved One has stepped up its research and in 2014, it has produced the “Vitamin C Plus Series with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.” It hlighlights the derivative consisting of vitamin C, which controls the formation of melanin at source, so as to reverse the oxidation of melanin for a crystal clear glow!

Margret Wu, the founder of For Beloved One, said, “Having a fair and white skin complexion is not only an indicator of healthy skin, but also a pre-requisite to having dazzling make-ups.” The series was launched for those whose skin is prone to the formation of melanin – exposure to UV can easily stimulate melanin production. Also, modern people’s exposure to radiation from electric products has resulted in increased saturation of melanin.

For Beloved One Brand Founder

The upgraded series contains Melaclear2™ and TECHNOWHITE™ – a patented brightening formula which controls the formation of melanin at source to restore crystal clear skin; DermalRx®SRC – an exfoliating technology which removes dark and old cells in the stratum corneum to improve the absorption of nutrients, and three anti-allergy patents ANASENSYL®, CALMISKIN® and SKINASENSYL® to stabilize the various ingredients, so as to keep the high intensity brightening process gentle even for sensitive skin.

“Ethyl Ascorbic Acid”, the purest form of Vitamin C, is combined with patented brightening formula Melaclear2™ and TECHNOWHITE™ to form a brightening mechanism which targets melanin formation at the source.

Researchers at For Beloved One point out that Tyrosine is the key factor in the formation of melanin. Tyrosinase, which is produced in the skin when exposed to UV radiation, acts as a catalyst to turn Tyrosine into Dopa. Tyrosinase further transforms Dopa and into Dopaquinone, which produces Melanoidin and Eumelanin.

Formation of Melanin
Ethyl Ascorbic Acid helps to turn Dopaquinone back to Dopa via chemical reduction so as to suppress melanin formation.

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is more stable and has higher purity of Vitamin C compared to the previous Vitamin C Series. Due to its small molecular structure, it penetrates well and has the best rate of absorption! Its anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties, together with its ability to improve skin’s elasticity, help to repair skin and prevent it from aging while brightening skin to create the perfect complexion.

Patented formula – “Spot Eraser” Melaclear2™
Melaclear2™, also known as the “spot eraser”, is a patented brightening and cleansing cocktail formula. It contains: “Protease” to remove spots with deeply saturated melanin to brighten the skin; “B-Carotene” to put the formation of melanin on hold; “Gluconate” to bind copper ions so that it is not able to combine with Tyrosinase; and “Zinc Ethyl Sulfate” to lower the activity of Tyrosinase.

Patented formula – Skin Brightener MELASLOW™
MELASLOW™ is a skin brightener extracted from Japanese citrus. It is used in the medical field to treat skin pigment disorders due to its efficiency in suppressing melanin formation. In experiments, only 3% MELASLOW™ is needed to suppress Tyrosinase activity by 46% and melanin production by 50%. It is able to effectively remove spots even when the pigments had been saturated for prolonged periods, such as age spots. In addition, it helps to enhance the luminosity of skin to produce snow-like glow.

Patented formula – Brightening Trilogy TECHNOWHITE™
Under the hot sun, UV rays can cause inflammation of skin in all seasons, resulting in uneven, or, in some cases, unnatural deposit of pigments such as spots, speckles, and pigment spots. TECHNOWHITE™ is a patented brightening technology which controls skin inflammation caused by UV rays, and also restricts the production of inflammation agents released by melanin. It prevents the excessive saturation of pigments, while at the same time remove dark and old cells in the stratum corneum, so as to rejuvenate skin for a crystal clear glow.

Soothing patent ANASENSYL®
Contains Flavonoid extracted from the Aesculus plant for reduction in swelling
and localized anti-inflammation; caffeine and zinc salts for weakening the sensitivity of cornified cells to stabilize skin’s allergic reactions.

Soothing patent SKINASENSYL®
A specially developed soothing formula for sensitive skin. It enhances the skin’s defense against external agents so that allergic reactions are reduced, effectively soothing any discomfort.

Soothing Agent CALMISKIN ®
Extracted from mint, it helps to reduce inflammation and sooth damaged skin.

For Beloved One IG

For Beloved One Vitamin C Plus Series

  • Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Essence 30 ml, SGD95
  • Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Toner 200 ml, SGD58
  • Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Lotion 50ml, SGD57
  • Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Surge Cream 30ml, SGD85 (review here!)
  • Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Bio-Cellulose Mask 3-piece packSGD63

Exclusively sold @ Sephora:

  • ION
  • BUGIS+
  • NEX
  • Tampines Mall



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